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Guide: Sharing Files via We Transfer

Would you like to share videos you took, power point presentations or just a very big file? The quality of digital photos, videos and other files gets better all the time, but with improved quality comes an increase in file size. The majority of E-mail services limit the size of the files we can send to mere tens of megabytes (Gmail, for example, allows up to 20 megabites), which isn’t really an adequate amount when we want to share files with our friends.


There are several services like Dropbox and Google Drive that allow you to save your files “in the cloud”, but once you run out of space, you cannot make changes or add more files until your friend downloads them. There is, however, a service that lets you send files with almost no limitation on size, called “We Transfer”.

When you log in to the site, you will receive an offer to get the “plus” version, which allows you to send files larger than 2GB (GigaBytes). Click on “Skip” to continue to the free site.

Click here to go to We Transfer

We Transfer

By using We Transfer, you can send large files directly to your friends’ email. Even though the size is limited to 2GB, you’re not limited to the number of transfers, so if your file is bigger than 2GB, you can simply split it into parts that are smaller than 2GB. You even get a notification when your friend receives the email, and another one when they download the file.

To start transferring files, click on the “I agree” button.

We Transfer

Using the service is simple, with 5 easy steps:

  1. Click on “Add file” and select the file you wish to send to your friend. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the window. You can send multiple files as long as they're combined capacity is not over 2GB.
  2. Write your friend’s email address in the relevant field. (You can add up to 20 addresses).
  3. Write your own email address in the relevant field.
  4. Write a message that will be sent along with the file (optional).
  5. Click on “Transfer” and wait for the file(s) to upload. Do not close the window until the upload has finished! Once the file has been uploaded, you’ll receive an email notification saying that the file has been uploaded and that the link was sent to your friend.
We Transfer

Once your friend downloads the file, you’ll receive an email notification as well.

If you only wish to get a download link instead of emailing it, choose the share button We Transfer instead, and select “Link”.

We Transfer

Once the upload is complete, you’ll get a link you can send to your friends via Facebook or any other messaging service.

Please note that this is not a storage service, and files are only available for two weeks.

The site also has a smartphone app:

We Transfer for Android

We Transfer for iPhone

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