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How to Treat Excess Stomach Gas & Bloating

A large percentage of the population suffers from stomach gas from time to time, yet it is rarely discussed, usually because we're too embarrassed to say we're gassy. But folks, we all are sometimes, and there's absolutely no reason to be ashamed of it. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, and can cause real pain.
stomach gas
This is a problem that is becoming more prevalent due to modern food groups which encourage the build-up of gas in our system. But there are easy ways to fix this in your own home. 
Causes of stomach gas build-up 
~ Gas is mainly formed due to small fragmented stool as a result of eating refined diet lacking in vegetable fibre. These fragmented stool remain in the colon for too long, allowing colonic bacteria to ferment it. If one takes a high fibre diet it produce bulky stool that evacuates completely and so very little gas is formed.
~ Intolerance to certain types of food can also cause this effect.
~ Constipation will often lead to excess gas.
Symptoms of stomach gas:
- Frequent passing of gas
- Feeling as if bloated
- Loss of appetite
- Abdomen feels 'tight'
- Belching
- Jabbing chest pain
Getting rid of the excess stomach gas

1. Lie Down or try different positions
Lie down and keep your head elevated, this position will help pass the discomfort you are feeling in a few minutes. Remain in this position until the discomfort you're feeling is gone. You can lie down on your side, but still keep your head elevated.
If you are in distress, you can try to curl up so your head is touching the floor and your rear is in the air, this will encourage the passing of gas from your system.
When you are trying to push the gas out of your abdomen, make sure to do so on an empty stomach or over a toilet.
2. Drink more
Having excess gas in your stomach is usually a sign of poor digestion, drinking plenty of fluid helps move the undigested remnants of the food from the colon. This is especially true if you've eaten a lot of fiber rich foods, which encourage undigested food particles to accumulate in the colon. So drink up.
Hot liquids help the most, try herbal tea, but even coffee will help get that gas moving.
mustard3. Add mustard
Mustard is said to decrease the amount of gas in the body as well as preventing its build-up, so try and add it to one of your daily meals.
4. Baking Soda
Add a spoonful of baking soda to a cup of hot water and mix well. Drink this every couple of hours for quick relief.
5. Add Indian spices 
Turmeric, cumin and cardamom are known to aid good digestion.
6. Add ginger
Adding ginger to your food or chewing on the root will offer quick relief and aid your digestion.
7. Certain fruit can help
Drink lemon juice or other citrus fruit juices. The papaya is a wonderful fruit to eat when bloated, and is one of the best means for getting rid of gas quickly.
 8. Avoid carbonated drinks
Consuming carbonated drinks is a big no no if you want to decrease the amount of gas in the body. Drinking these will lead to an increase in gas and may also lead to chest pain.
carbonated drinks

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