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20 Ways to Show Your Partner You Are There

Sometimes life can get a little hectic with work, hobbies, commitments and family, and your relationship with your significant other can become neglected. But don't consider spending time with your partner to be an item on your to-do list! Here are some tips to help you better ensure that your relationship remains satisfying. This article suggests 20 different ways to be there for your partner.

1. Don’t be a flake

Be considerate of your partner’s time. Show up when you say you will and if you suspect you might be late, communicate this so that it won’t diminish your partner’s trust. Staying true to your word perpetuates trust in your relationship.


2. Express yourself

Let your partner know what you’re feeling and thinking. Express what you genuinely feel directly and transparently. Don’t focus on saying what you think sounds good. You shouldn't share thoughts for gain, use them keep communication alive.


3. Be your genuine self

Being your authentic self is the only way to continue a life together. You don't have to act perfectly for your partner as they know your personality and character already. Acting creates a false picture of how you want to live your life. Focus on living a life guided by your own values and principles.


4. Let the small things slide

In relationships the phrase ‘mountains out of molehills’ is fitting. Small things can easily become much bigger problems if you allow them to do so. It’s important to recognize minor irritations in the grand scheme of things. Communicate that you’re irritated by all means, but don't make a big deal out of it.


5. Make plans

Thinking of places to go on a date or on a weekend break, show thoughtfulness and that you care about your partner and the relationship. Suggest things to do together or plan date nights with just the two of you, while always being considerate of the activities your partner enjoys.



6. Consider your partner

Being considerate means thinking of your partner ahead of time. It means taking time out of your day to do something thoughtful, no matter how small. If you see there’s a 'special' at the grocery store on their favorite food, buy it; or if an author they like is writing a new book, pre-order it for them.


7. When it comes to kindness, work with what you’ve got

Kindness is a practice, and when you’re not feeling your best it can be easy to neglect. You need to consistently treat your partner with the love and respect they deserve. You can pick up the tab or stay up late to listen to your partner when they’re upset, even if you’re feeling tired.


8. Be present: Multitasking doesn’t work

When you set time aside for your partner, give the relationship your full attention. Research has found that multitasking is not as effective as it once was said to be. Focus your efforts on the person who fulfills you most. Be present for them by listening, looking at them, asking questions and genuinely caring about them in the present moment.


9. Make time for each other, consciously

Scheduling sounds unromantic, but committing time out of your busy schedule demonstrates commitment. When you’re busy, it’s important to let your partner know that you have space for them in your life. Clearing time in your calendar shows your partner that your relationship is a priority.


10. Write love notes

Sometimes love can be taken for granted, especially when you’re busy and don’t see as much of each other as you would like. Show your love for one another by putting it in writing: write each other love notes so that the love in the relationship is evident.



11. Be helpful without being asked

Be there for your partner in ways that are not communicated out loud. Explore how you can be helpful to him or her without even being asked. Even if you are close and have lived together for a long time, your partner still might not reach out to you and let you know what he or she need. You need to be alert and hyper-considerate. 


12. Dress up

Dressing up for your partner is not just an external way to impress them. It’s a way to communicate that you care about the relationship and that they are worth your utmost effort.


13. It’s not tit-for-tat: Don’t keep score

A partnership is not about winning. It’s about maintaining a relationship that fosters a love for life. The love needs to win at the end of the day.  Don’t keep score, and remember - sometimes losing helps let love win. 


14. Share the burden (of the housework).

Housework is never fun. There are those rare people who like cleaning, but chances are you and your partner are amongst the majority and don’t enjoy it. If you can afford help and it eases the burden, that’s one solution. But that's not viable for everybody. Don’t wait to be asked. Help keep your place clean to make the both of you happy.



15. Have your partner’s back

You always need to have your partner’s back, especially in times when other people aren’t being supportive. Be the person who is there for your partner, no matter what. Be the person who encourages them, when others let them down.


16. Be an encouraging force

A definite way to be there for your partner is to be concerned with their goals, happiness, and habits.Suggest ideas, cheer them on, motivate healthy habits, and get involved where necessary to help make their dreams attainable.


17. Curb your annoying habits

Everyone has different levels of tolerance. What might be innocent and barely noticeable to most people, could bug your partner. Be mindful of your behavior and show consideration by curbing these habits, even if just in their presence.


18. Be surprising

Act spontaneously and do something your partner wasn’t expecting. It doesn’t have to be grand, although a big gesture will usually go down well. It can be a small gift, a hug or flowers.


19. Don’t let the romance die

A good way to ensure that you’re both there for each other is by keeping the romance alive. Put some effort into turning the ordinary into something special. It can start with as little as lighting a candle.




20. Make your partner a priority in your daily life

If your to-do list includes over 100 items make sure your partner is on that list, possibly multiple times. When it comes to to-do lists, you will often find that scheduled tasks get delayed or cancelled altogether. Make sure your partner does not get taken out of the top 5. Show you value them - sometimes it can be as simple as a phone call or giving your partner your undivided attention.

h/t: mindbodygreen

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