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Paralyzed Man Walks Again Thanks to Nose

In 2010, Darek Fidyka was attacked and stabbed multiple times. The attacker severed his spine, rendering him paralyzed from the chest down, but now, thanks to a new and revolutionary procedure, Darek can walk again!

The operation involved taking special cells from the patient’s nose, called “Olfactory Bulbs.” These bulbs are the only part of the human body able to regrow nerves, due to the nose’ constant exposure to chemicals that might damage it. Without such an ability, humans would lose their sense of smell very early in life. The idea of harnessing that ability and applying it to other major nerve centers has been discussed by doctors at length, and tests have shown that paralyzed rats and dogs regained their mobility thanks to such treatment.

After 2 years in a wheelchair, Darek was selected and went through this surgery, which involved 100 microinjections into the injured area. After the procedure, Darek went through physical therapy five times a day but showed no response. At the third month, though, he noticed that he was gaining muscle again in his legs. By the sixth month, Darek was able to take a few steps on his own, and now he is able to walk with a walking frame. Darek reports that he also started gaining some control over his bowels, bladder and even some sexual control.

Darek was quoted saying: “I think it's realistic that one day I will become independent.”

This story brings much hope to hundreds of thousands of paralyzed men, women and children who might be able to walk again, and sooner than they think!

Image sources: BBC,

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