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Use Dynamite to Knock Down Buildings

This fun logic game lets you be the foreman of a building demolition site. You have to get all the concrete to fall in the right areas by placing dynamite in the best support beams. This game is thrilling but also offers a relaxed pace, allowing you to think how you will get all the rubble to knock down the other parts of the building. As each level gets more challenging, you can't help but want to keep playing.

Click for more instructions on how to play


  1. Click ‘Play’.
  2. Click ‘Start’.
  3. Choose a level.
  4. Place dynamite on the concrete support beams. 
  5. Press ‘Boom’.

Tip #1Each level has a limited amount of explosions you can use. Some levels have steel beams, in a dark brown shade. These cannot be detonated. 

Tip #2: Aim for all the rubble to fall below the blue horizontal line.

Tip #3: You can switch off the sound by clicking on the blue volume button in the righthand corner.

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