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Puzzle Game: Get the Red Train to Its Station

It's not easy being a train engineer. You need to make sure there is always a way for all trains to get to their stations without one interfering with another. A puzzle worth solving. So here's your chance, with this colorful and fun puzzle game, to test your skills of logic and find out the route that will take this train to its station. This game is incredibly fun, and a real fun challenge to overcome.

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Game Instructions

To begin the game click on   

After a few seconds you'll get to the main screen. Click   to begin playing. 

Select the level you'll want to start at from the list on the left side. 


When the mouse cursor is on one of the open levels, you can see on the right the number of moves you'll need to finish under to get a gold or silver medal. 


How to play:

  • Click on the trains with your mouse to take hold of them and move them. 
  • Your goal is to bring the red train to its last station. 
  • The trains cannot share the same space. 
  •  The trains cannot make sharp turns.  

The trains can push one another out of the way.

The bulge at the end of each train will show you what direction it will go if pushed by another train. 

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