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Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Lets face it, we spend copious amounts of hours in front of the computer. Time is precious, so why not cut down the time you need to spend by finally knowing what your kids and grandkids have known all along - how to best use your keyboard.


Important: When 2 keys are given with a '+' sign between them, it means you must press and hold the first button while pressing once on the second button to complete the action.

General Computer Use


* If you'd like to close an open program / window / folder -
press .

* If you'd like to zoom in / out in the browser or in a word document (see the text larger or smaller), press and hold the button and move the mouse wheel up (to make bigger) and down (to make smaller)

* To move quickly between open programs / windows - press + .

* To keep browsing between the open programs / windows,
keep the  button pressed and continue pressing tab to change programs / windows.  When you leave the buttons, the program/window selected will open.

* If you have many programs open, but would like to get to the desktop immediately - press + . (D is for desktop).

* If you'd like to delete a file permanently without it going to the recycle bin - Highlight the file and press + .

* To copy text / a file quickly, highlight it and press - +

* To 'move' text / a file quickly, highlight it and press  +

* To paste text / a file quickly, highlight it and press +

*  If you'd like to highlight the entire text or all the files in a folder, you can do this immediately by pressing -  +

* For a quick search through a text file / folder / browser window, press - +

* If you've made an error and would like to cancel the last action you made, press - +

* If you'd like to 'cancel the cancel' and undo the cancellation of your last action, press - +

Easy internet browsing 


* When reading long texts and the mouse wheel proves uncomfortable, press on to drop the browser screen and to go back up.

* To refresh the page you are on, press -

* To open a new tab in your browser (a new page but in the same browser window), press - +

* To go directly to the address line in the browser (where you input the www / url), press -

* If you'd like to open a link in a new tab (without leaving the page you are on), use the MOUSE WHEEL as a button and press it when hovering on the link (can also be done with photos).

* To immediately close an open tab in your browser, hover over it and press the MOUSE WHEEL again, and it will close.

* If you'd like to increase the size of your browser go to a 'full screen' view of a page, you can do so easily by pressing - . To change back, press once again.

* Like to lock your computer when not using it?  Press + and it will lock until you return and unlock.

So who says life doesn't have shortcuts?

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