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14 Foxes That Forgot How to Be a Fox


While there are quite a few species of foxes, the most known is the Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes), it's also the largest of all of the foxes. The fox is often described as a sly, opportunistic and cunning predator, capable of getting itself out of various situation with ease. The smallest of the fox family is the Fennec - a desert fox with very large ears (used to cool down in the desert heat).

Despite their reputation of being wise, sometimes even they get silly and the results are simply adorable!

The Fox & The Hound

These 2 put aside their rivalry for the sake of having a good time together! (We should learn from them)

Help! I'm stuck!

This adorable little guy managed to get it's head stuck in a food can and needed some help. Please be sure to crush used cans so this doesn't happen.

So THIS is why I'm never under par!

So aparently, this fox just sits there, waiting for you to get a good stroke, then steals your balls!

Even foxes like Facebook...

This family of Gray Foxes moved into the Facebook campus. The employees didn't waste any time and started a Facebook page for them, that racked up hundreds of thousands of likes. (rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg was one of the first likes)

So an eagle, a fox and 2 cats walk into a bar...

On a cold, cold day, this lady heard noises outside her door and you wouldn't believe what she found waiting outside!

Fluffy fennec foxes babies bubble bath. (try saying it 3 times in a row!)

These little guys neede a bath after getting themselves into a sticky situation. Did you know that fennecs have such good hearing that they can hear potential prey that's underground?


This young fox discovered that old conveyour belts make for awesome slides!

Dawn the vixen thinks she's a dog.

As a kit, Dawn was taken to a kennel by a person who mistook her for a dog and as a result is not capable of returning to the wild. She also developed dog-like behaviors and I think it's downright adorable!

These guys discovered how much fun a trampoline can be!

Foxes are known to be really good at jumping, and when they discovered how this trampoline works, they simply couldn't get enough of it!

Just Arctic Foxes, jumping face-first into snow...

Ummm, remember that I said foxes are good at jumping? Seems like they still have problems with the landings sometimes...

Sometimes, you just have to take the bus...

This fellow snuk onto a but and decided to lay down and take a nap. The bus driver reported that once the fox left on its own once the nap was over.

RonRon the fox gets a birthday surprise!

Red foxes are known to catch and eat fish when the opportunity arises. Look at how happy RonRon the Red Fox is to get a chance to fish!

Funny fennec fox & feline frolicking.

While I personally don't recommend it, you can get a Fennec fox as a pet. This little guy seems to like to wrestle with cats!

Bonus: Ylvis - What Does the Fox Say

Catchy, don't you think?
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