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13 Things You Should NEVER Microwave

Introduced in 1967, Microwaves became an essential appliance for every modern kitchen! They save us time and generally make life easier, but did you know that there are certain materials that shouldn't be placed in a Microwave? Most plastic will melt, emit toxic fumes and can pollute your food, while metallic objects become a kind of an antenna, producing electric arcs (sparks) which can lead to fires or worse.

I decided to give you some advice on 13 things you SHOULDN'T use in a microwave:

Takeout Containers: If you want to heat up that leftover Chinese food, make sure you remove the metal handle, or put the leftovers in a different container.

Eggs: Want to quickly hard-boil an egg? Avoid putting it in the microwave. While it may seem like a good idea, it really isn't - this is because while the egg heats up, the water content inside the egg turns to steam, and since it has no way to "escape", it'll end up exploding.

Lunch Bags: Microwaving paper (or plastic) bags is not a good idea - when you heat them up, they emit toxic fumes and can even catch on fire!

Styrofoam ContainersIf you didn't know it by now, Styrofoam is a type of plastic. When you warm up plastic - it melts (into your food). Plastic can be toxic when consumed. Please don't microwave Styrofoam.

Sauce: Microwaving sauce with no lid? You're going to have some clean up to do…

Yogurt Containers: Yogurt containers are made of plastic. You remember what happens to plastic in high temperatures, right?

Fruits: Similarly to eggs - fruit contains water, and like in an egg - when it heats up, it turns to steam and since it can't escape - it'll explode. If you're still curious, try putting a grape in the microwave - but don't say we didn't warn you!

Hot Peppers: These guys catch on fire, and if that's not bad enough - the read danger is them popping when you take them out. Getting pepper juice in your eyes is no fun!

Travel Mugs: Is your mug made of stainless steel? Remember: Metal and microwaves don't mix!

Aluminum Foil: Aluminum is a metal, metal & microwaves aren't friends! (It can also start a fire)

Empty: Operating an empty microwave means that it doesn't focus the waves onto anything and it ends up microwaving itself. This can lead to anything from it not working anymore, to it exploding.

Plates with a Metallic Trim: Remember what we said about metal?

Plastic Containers: If they don't have a "Microwave Safe" label - you don't want them in your microwave!
Here's a video, showing you what happens when you put things in a microwave that you shouldn't...
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