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Warning: You May Face Serious Cute Overdose.

These three videos are so full of animal cuteness, you may sprain something out of sheer sweetness. Enjoy these little moments of pure smiles and genuine enjoyment!

The Duck Run

When a baby duck comes into the world, it picks the nearest face and attaches to it as a mother. The attachment can be broken and given back to the original mother duck, but until then, that duck will follow you anywhere you go, even if you run!

Baby Meerkats

A wonderful new additions to the meerkat family at West Midland Safari Park, these three little munchkins are some of the cutest baby animals you'll ever see, if they can just stay upright!

The Roar of The Lion Cub

The Lion's roar is one of the scariest things in the animal kingdom. The Lion cub's roar, however, is a bit less impressive.

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