Can You Guess What I Am?

 Can you make use of your logic skills (and some light spelling) to come up with the correct answers to these 'Who Am I' questions? We trust you can do it, so let's fire up our brains and get to work!
I can be cracked, made, told and played. What am I?
I like to twirl my body but keep my head up high. Once I go in, all becomes tight. What am I?
I can fly without wings, cry without eyes. Every place I visit, darkness follows underneath. What am I?
I may have eyes, but I can't see. I sit in the dirt and wait for you to wash and peel me. What am I?
I'm lighter than air but you cannot lift me. I'm very fragile so don't touch me. What am I?
You like me fresh and with a nice smell. I can be thin in some places but never fat. What am I?
Take me for a spin and I'll make you cool. But use me when it's cool and you're a fool. What am I?
I demand a quick answer but never ask a question. I may ask again later if you don't answer in time. What am I?
I'm the worst game you'll ever play. To give me to someone I don't belong to is shameful, but to take me can be noble. What am I?
We hurt without existing, poison without touching. We bear the truth and the lies, and are not to be judged by our size. What are we?
People leave me gifts when they're not crying at my sight. I never sit but stand both day and night. What am I?
When I was young, I was quite tall. Now hours has passed, and I'm barely any height at all. What am I?
Shall We Give it Another Go?
Oooh bad luck on these ones. But before you go check on it, how about giving it another go for a higher score? You can always find out later...
Nicely Done!
Good show, you used your superior logic skills and knowledge of the English language to come up with mostly correct responses. A few you missed, but not to worry, you can find out what you missed with just a simple click...
Superb Demonstration!
Your logic is without fault! You're quite the riddle-cracker, and indeed got almost all or all of the answers correct. We bow to your superior logic and tremendous score. Way to go!
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