What Do You Know About Dolphins?

 While most people would point to the ape when asked who the second smartest mammal on earth is after humans - some biologists might argue that point by pointing at the dolphin. Yes, this sea mammal is perhaps the most intelligent animal out there. How much do you know about these genius water dwellers?
True or False: Dolphins are most closely related to sharks
Which of these is NOT part of the dolphin diet?
Small fish
Sea grass
Dolphins use their ________ to breathe.
A dolphin closes it when it's in the ocean, so water doesn't get into its lungs. But when it comes to the surface, it opens the blowhole to breathe air.
A group of dolphins is called a...
Where do dolphins sleep?
Dolphins sleep close to the surface of the water so they can breathe from time to time through their blowhole.
Close to the surface of the water
On the bottom of the sea
Floating upside down
In a cave
Which of these animals belongs to the same family as dolphins?
Killer Whale (Orca)
Hammerhead Shark
Blue Whale
True or False: Some dolphin species live in freshwater rivers.
What is a clear sign of intelligence only humans, apes and dolphins show?
Using bubbles to hunt for food (tool use)
Recognizing themselves in a mirror
Using a complex series of sounds to communicate
Having sexual relations for pleasure
Dolphin mothers are known as some of the best mothers in the animal kingdom, often nursing their babies for...
A calf may also stay with its mother for anywhere from 3 to 8 years.
Six months after birth
Six years after birth
Two years after birth
Ten years after birth
What is a dolphin's worst sense (to the point of not having it)?
Actually, dolphins don't have a sense of smell at al
How many calves, on average, are born in a dolphin pregnancy?
It is never more than one.
Which land animal is considered to be the closest relative to dolphins?
The hippopotamus
The elephant
The rhino
The anteater
Close, But No Dolphin
You may not know that much about dolphins. That's ok, they probably don't know that much about you, either! They ARE, though, fascinating creatures with big brains, a sense of humor and a lot of lust for life. How about giving it another shot?
A Friend to Dolphins
You know quite a bit about our oceanic friends. They ARE, after all, fascinating creatures with big brains, a sense of humor and a lot of lust for life! Kudos on your knowledge, but you can always do even better...
An Honorary Dolphin
Do you go swimming with pods or are you just a lover of all things dolphin? In either case, you cracked our quiz like an egg and we'll be sure to test you harder next time, smarty-pants! Check any mistakes you may have made but, as we can see, you made very few. Congratulations!
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