Which Project Should You Embark On?

 Projects are important in life. They give us direction and a goal to achieve and improve our life. What kind of big project should you dedicate yourself to at this point in your life? Answer honestly and find out!
What is your main goal in life?
Being content
Being a good person
Being rich
Being healthy
Are you in a relationship?
No and I'm not looking for one
Yes, a relatively new one
No, but I'm looking for one
Yes, for many years
Choose your preferred color mix:
What does your diary look like?
I don't keep one, I have it all in my head
Pretty empty, I don't have many engagements
Quite full of meetings and tasks
Quite full of social events
What thoughts may disturb your slumber?
Thoughts about having to wake up and go to work the next day
Thoughts of longing for others and loneliness
Thoughts about my financial situation
I don't sleep well regardless
When you have exciting news - how do you inform people about it?
Send a text message
Face to face
I use social media
A phone call
Which of the following sayings do you find most true?
If it's popular, it's probably wrong
To be happy, you must maintain balance within yourself
You must work hard to achieve what you want
Any challenge can be overcome with clear goals
Which of the following will you choose to snack on or drink during a break in your day?
A cup of coffee
A snack
A shake
What's the first thing you do when you sit down to work?
Go through my to-do list and set priorities
Spends some time in social networks before I get into work mode
Read news and updates on events before I start work
Arrange my position and make sure I'm comfortable
What do you prefer to do on a Friday night?
Being alone and engaging in creative activities that I do not have time for during the week
Going out with friends or my spouse
Watching TV and resting - that's the only time I have in the week for it
Have the family over for Friday dinner
Between what hours is your energy at its peak?
12am-6am - The small hours of the night
6pm-12am - Evening and night hours
6am-12pm - Morning hours
12pm-6pm - Afternoon hours
If you could live somewhere else - where would you like to live?
Rome - Architecture and history fascinate me
Los Angeles - I would love to meet Hollywood stars on the street
New York - The fast pace of life makes me feel good
Spain - It suits me to enjoy a nice siesta every day
Now is your time to write the masterpiece of your life
For years, you have had an idea in your head that you would like to adapt to a book or a film, and you may have sat down to put it in writing quite a few times, but you have never been able to complete the work or finish a significant part of it. Despite this, many will testify that you are a very creative person and, if you have time now, there is no better moment to position yourself in front of a computer or a smooth page and let thoughts turn into words or drawings. It will be difficult at first, but you have a lot of wisdom and ideas to share with the world and it's a shame you will not. By the time you finish one page, you will see that more and more will come and you will not want to stop - keep going, and by the end of the year you will already have something to be proud of.
Now is your time to adopt a pet
You have a lot of love to give, and while there is no shortage of people around you, you want to put someone new in front of your smile who can receive more from it than anyone else. Therefore, it is recommended that you adopt a new pet, no matter if it is a dog, a cat or even a hamster - every creature needs love and there is no better person than you to give it. You also have a lot of patience, so we're sure you can teach your pet some cool tricks over time, and what's certain is that you two will become great friends.
Now is your time to start a business
Some would say that in the current economic climate, it is not advisable to start a business, but this statement is probably less true about a person like you with your head on your shoulders. Now may be the perfect time to introduce something new. You are very responsible and you have a head for business, so we are sure that your business will flourish and grow. It is very important that you choose to work with the right people and that you make all your choices after consulting with experienced professionals, and if you do so, there is no reason why you should not succeed.
Now is your time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and abandon harmful habits
The truth is that there is no bad time to abandon harmful habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, but if you were looking for an opportunity or a sign to do so, this is it! You are a very determined and purposeful person, and if you start slowly and increase the pace later on, we are sure that you will be able to change your life from end to end and become healthier. This issue is important to you because you love life and want to take full advantage of it, and your chances of success will increase as you surround yourself with the people who will support you and make the people who lower your motivation smile - this is also a healthy change worth making in life.
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