Which Board Game Are You?

 Which board game best suits your character and describes who you are? Answer the following 12 questions and find out what classic board game is hiding in your mind and what it says about you.
How do you deal with crossword puzzles?
Easy - I don't!
Use all the knowledge at my disposal to figure them out
If I get stuck I ask for help
If I get stuck I look online for the answers
Do you ever let other people win a game?
Yes - But only if it puts me in a favorable light
No - You can only learn from failure
Yes - as long as everyone is having a good time
NEVER - I always strive to win!
What was your favorite subject in school?
Art / Gymnastics
Math / Science
Do you have time for games?
Sometimes - I catch a little time here and there
Yes, but I have other hobbies that I prefer.
Always - I love playing and always find the time
Never - I'm usually busy with other things
Choose your perfect pet:
Which of these is most important to you?
You won 300 dollars at the casino. What will you do with it?
Order rounds for my friends on me
Keep it
Buy myself something fun
Keep playing
Which would you rather be...
President of USA right now
A king in ancient times
A child in the 70s
A tycoon living 50 years from now
What kind of strategies do you use in your daily life?
Ha? I don't think I do...
Mostly short-term stuff, how to plan my day, how to get out of a meeting
I have strategies for everything, from my relationships to my work to my schedule
I have a goal, and for that goal I use every strategy I can think of
Choose a vehicle you'd like to own:
Electric Car
Flying car
Are you managing to save money?
Not really - I'm relying on my pension
Yes, I have a good saving plan
Yes, but just a bit
Not really right now, but I have plans for the future
What would you do if you got sent to prison?
Just pass the time until I get out
Learn a new trade or profession inside
Cry and moan about my fate
Try and build a profitable organization behind bars
You're Backgammon
You are a very friendly and warm person who likes to take advantage of every spare moment in life. You love spending time with friends and family. Some will say that you tend to rely on luck in life, and while that is sometimes true, you know that luck is something that can only be trusted after you give your best effort. The truth is that you are a pretty calculated person in general, but you know that in life there are losers and there are winners, and that sometimes you are down and sometimes you are up - we just hope you stay up as much as possible.
You're Chess
You are a very intelligent, and many see you as a source of wisdom and good advice. You are a very calculated person, who makes every decision only after considering all the different options they face. Since you know exactly what your goals in life are and what you want to achieve, it is easy for you to make the right choices, and it is likely that, to date, you have made quite a few of them. Of course there have been a few misses here and there, but your advantage is that you are also a flexible person who knows how to take advantage of every situation and adapt accordingly. You like to look ahead and make strategies upon strategies; rarely do you do a thing without thinking where it may lead in the future.
You're Checkers
You are a person with a flexible mind who knows how to enjoy the simple things in life and doesn't need much to be happy. You know that every step you take promotes your ultimate goal, even if it was a tiny step or even if it required you to go back a little. So you are not in a hurry to achieve your goals, because you know that you will eventually reach them, and it's all a matter of time. In the meantime, what matters to you is to enjoy what is there and not take life too seriously - because the most important thing is to be comfortable and happy.
You're Monopoly
You are a very competitive person who wants to win at all costs - literally. You thrive in a competitive atmosphere, and the more contenders there are in front of you the better, because you can treat the competition less personally, which helps you "eliminate" your competitors one by one. You know that in life not everyone can win, and in your experience, when someone goes up it is usually at the expense of another person. YOU are not that person, and you will not allow things to be taken from you. We are sure you will achieve success, just be careful not to create enemies for yourself along the way...
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