Physics Quiz: Do You Know the Laws of Science?

The universe around us conforms to certain regular laws, painstakingly discovered by centuries of erudite scientists like Newton and Einstein. Luckily, we don’t need to be as wise as those great men to understand our world as well as they did, we just need to pay attention. Let’s see how well you know these immutable physical laws by taking this tricky test!
When you rotate a rock attached to a piece of string around and the string breaks, what happens to the rock?
It follows a straight-line path.
It continues rotating.
It falls straight to the floor.
Which law teaches that heavier objects require more force than lighter objects to be moved the same distance?
Newton's first law of motion
Newton's second law of motion
Newton's third law of motion
The quantum theory of light states that light energy is carried in which units?
Alpha particles
What is a unit of work?
What are sound waves unable to travel through?
If you are at a concert and you walk away from the stage, the sound frequency will...
Stay the same
Which color of light has the greatest energy per photon?
Which of these is the correct formula for speed?
Speed = Distance/Time
Speed = Distance - Time
Speed = Distance x Time
Who first defined speed accurately?
What sort of lens is a magnifying glass?
Plane Glass
John has one pound of gold on the Moon, Robert has one pound of gold on Earth. Which of the two has the greatest amount of gold?
John on the Moon.
Robert on Earth.
They have the same amount.
At what speed does light travel?
2.998×10^8 meters per second
2.998×10^7 meters per second
2.998×10^9 meters per second
Which of these physical laws describes how light behaves in a prism?
Snell's Law
Beer-Lambert's Law
Kopp's Law
The boiling point of water does what when exposed to lower air pressure?
It increases
It decreases
What does a car speedometer show?
Instantaneous Speed
Average Speed
You Can Do Better...
You still have quite a bit to learn about the way our universe works. But not to worry, there is so much to learn no one knows it all! The most important thing is to keep being curious and be willing to learn more.
That's Pretty Good!
You didn't answer all correctly but you can certainly hold your own when it comes to discussing this universe of ours. You have some more to learn, but don't we all? You certainly have a scientific curiosity.
Congratulations! You got top scores!
You know so much about physics, you could easily teach it! In fact, we hope you are. You stand on the knowledge of giants. Like them, you like to know and understand the world around you. This is a great attitude to life!
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