What Do You Know About Strokes?

 A stroke is a very scary thing, and is one of the leading causes of death in the world. As we age, our risk of suffering a stroke rises, and we need to avoid more risk factors. Do you know enough about strokes? Test yourself and see...
Strokes are caused by...
A blood clot
A rupture in a major artery to the brain
Both causes are true
Neither of the causes is true
What is the major risk factor for stroke?
High blood pressure (or hypertension) is the highest risk factor for stroke.
High blood pressure
High blood sugar
Family history of strokes
True or False: 90% of strokes occur when the person is over 65 years old
A third of stroke cases happen to people below the age of 65. That said, the risk does increase with age.
True or False: Women have more strokes than men.
Experts believe this is due to women's longer life span
According to information by WHO from 2019, stroke is still the number ________ killer in the world.
Over 6 million deaths were by stroke, putting it at number 2 (number 5 in USA) after heart disease (9 million)
What is the most common treatment for stroke?
Blood thinners
Brain surgery
Stroke and _________ can occur together, or in very close proximity to each other.
Patients with new onset arrhythmias of the heart (abnormal heartbeat), especially atrial fibrillation, are at higher risk for having a stroke
Heart arrhythmias
Kidney failure
Which of these is a symptom of a stroke?
Sudden confusion
Sudden weakness in an arm or leg
Sudden severe headache with no cause
All answers are true
Which of these is NOT a sign of a stroke?
Sudden blurred or fuzzy vision
Sudden severe headache
Sudden crushing chest pain
Sudden dizziness or loss of balance
True or False: Once a stroke is over, getting to the hospital won't change much
Getting to the hospital quickly can make a huge difference in the long-term consequences of the stroke
About 1 in _______ strokes happen to people who have already had a previous stroke
People who have suffered a stroke recently often display...
Excessive daytime sleepiness
Excessive hunger
Excessive thirst
Excessive insomnia
Try Again?
Unfortunately, you didn't do quite so well on this one. Learning about strokes is something we'd recommend doing more of since this becomes more of a health risk as time goes by. How about reading a bit about it and trying again?
Nicely Done!
You know quite a bit about strokes and what happens to us when they occur. It's important that we know this well in order to avoid the risk factors as well as identify problems as they pop up. You still could get a higher score if you wish to try again.
Most Excellent!
You've shown an excellent familiarity with the issue of strokes. We're delighted to hear this because it's such an important risk factor and knowing all about it can really help you avoid a stroke. Congratulations, you've really ACED THIS QUIZ!
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