Can We Challenge Your World History?

 How much do you know of the rich history this world has been through? The human species has been through SO much just in the last couple of millennia. Care to show us how much of it you know?
What is the 'Ides of March' which occurs on March 15th?
The day Julius Caesar was assassinated
The day Constantinople fell
The day a man tried to blow up the English Parliament
The day WWI was won
What was known, in previous centuries, as a 'Drunkard's Cloak'?
A barrel
The gutter
A cloak of feathers and tar
Who, according to a popular legend - chased all the snakes out of Ireland?
The more familiar version of the legend is given by Jocelyn of Furness, who says that the snakes had all been banished by Patrick chasing them into the sea after they attacked him during a 40-day fast he was undertaking on top of a hill.
St. Patrick
St. Vincent
St. Brendan
St. Kevin
How did Martin Luther start the religious reformation movement in 1517?
By nailing a list of complaints to a church door
By exposing the local bishop for being corrupt
By advising the king of England to break from Catholicism
By starting the Anglican church
Napoleon had many names bestowed on him. Which of these is NOT one of them?
The 'Little Corporal' was given to him not because of his stature but because he was young for his successes early on.
The Little Corporal
The Devil’s Favorite
The Eagle
The Angel of War
Which of the following inventions was the first to be patented?
In 1845, Stephen Perry, of the rubber manufacturing company Messers Perry and Co., invented the rubber band to hold papers or envelopes together.
Rubber Band
Cash Register
Chewing Gum
What was the first city to reach a population of one million?
1800 years before London reached 1 million, Rome was already there, as early as the 5th century B.C.
New York
What Archduchess of Austria became the Queen of France when her husband ascended the throne as Louis XVI?
Marie Antoinette
Marie Leszczyńska
Anne Boleyn
Catharine the Great
Which Soviet satellite was the first to be launched into space in 1957?
Sputnik 1
Cosmos 3
Comrade 1
Lenin 1
When was The Gulf War?
What German state preceded Nazi Germany?
The Weimar Republic is an unofficial designation for the German state between 1919 and 1933.
Weimar Republic
German Confederation
German Empire
Wurttemberg Republic
After the death of Lenin, who did Stalin enter a power struggle with to be his successor?
Leo Tolstoy
Karl Marx
Tsar Nicholas II
Leon Trotsky
Try Again?
It may be time to brush up on your history a bit. There's no need to fret though since we're sure that with a little more care and attention you'll be able to get much better results on your next attempt. While many people find it easy to disregard what happened in the past, the wise know that there's much that can be learned from it!
Nicely Done!
Good show! From your answers it is clear that you know your history pretty well. Even though your score isn't perfect, you show enough enthusiasm for the subject matter to be considered an amateur historian, and with further study you could quite easily become an expert! Make sure to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're as knowledgeable as you are!
Absolutely incredible! Your knowledge of history is sublime. You are a keen lover of history. The world truly is better off with you in it, since without people like you, we'd be cursed to keep repeating the same historical mistakes over and over again. Make sure to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're as knowledgeable as you are.
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