How Open to New Experiences Are You?

 We live in a world that offers many ways to live, believe, think and act. However, many of us prefer to keep to old habits we've developed earlier in life, without having to take the risk of trying new things. Where do you stand on this scale - Are you open or closed?
When was the last time you tried a food you've never tried before?
In the last year or so
A few months ago
Just the other day
Years ago
I can't remember
Have you ever lived outside your own country for more than six months?
No, because I didn't have the means or the times were different, people stayed close
Yes, for quite some time
Yes, I live now in a country I wasn't born in and immigrated into
No, I never wished to leave
Have you ever tried to be "creative" in the bedroom?
Yes, I've tried novel positions, games and costumes
Yes, I've tried sexy undergarments and novel positions
No, I never felt the need
No, but I've fantasized about trying other things I just never had the chance or partner for it
No, I don't like that sort of thing
When traveling, how do you plan your trip and what do you do?
I plan a long time in advance and focus on the major sites one mustn't miss
I only book the flight and hotel, then I just walk around and see what I feel like doing and seeing
I plan a little bit in advance, just to make sure I have time to do everything, including time to just walk around
I usually go in a group and am rarely the planner, so I just sit back and enjoy
When was the last time you saw a TV show or a film in a genre you wouldn't usually watch?
I don't do that anymore. I dislike certain genres and dislike everything in them.
Not long ago
Years ago
I do it all the time, sometimes you find surprising goodies in genres you thought you hated.
Can't remember
When did you stop listening to new music?
During my 30s
I never stopped
During my 40s
Once I was past my teen years
Once I got married and had children
What is your ongoing relationship with technology?
There is none. I get explanations on what to do and do them, I don't understand it.
I try to stay in touch with it, but am constantly surprised by it
I stay ahead of it, and read about novel innovations all the time
I know all about new technologies and am constantly buying them or looking at them online
I try to stay away from it
Do you ever pick up new hobbies or skills?
Yes, all the time and all requiring different approaches, some manual, some intellectual
Yes, once every few years I pick up something new to try
I have the same hobbies I've had since I was a teen, and they're enough for me
Once a year or so I get interested in something and devote some time to it
I would have liked to, but I honestly haven't had the time or the means to do so in recent years
When you meet new people you like, how often do they stay (socially) in your life and become long-term friends?
As often as I can achieve it
It's been years since that's happened
It's very rare for me to meet people I would actually like to be social with
Complete the sentence: My friends tend to be...
into the same things I am
a variety of people, some of them very different from me
people I've known for a long time
people from work and my family
people that on paper aren't right for me but somehow we hit it off
Quite Open to New Experiences
You are quite open to new experiences. While you are not obsessive about this, it does make you feel great to try something you've never tried before, seeing a place you've never been or trying a form of entertainment you've never tried before. You have a higher-than-average level of open mindedness and you are willing to try many things. You DO probably have a core of things that does not change - certain friends, behaviors, little rituals and beliefs. However, this is normal and healthy, and while you are not eager to try EVERYTHING, you do try more than the average person does.
You Are VERY Open to New Experiences
You are eager to try new experiences, and, in fact, you get quite sad if you're stuck in a rut without new things to explore and discover. You probably like learning new skills, developing new hobbies, visiting places you've never been, meeting people from all walks of life. After all, life is a great buffet of experiences, and it'll be a shame not to take advantage of all of it. You love trying new things, new foods, new ways to dress and act and take care of yourself. You're probably open to new health trends and new technological trends as they come out.
Normal Amount
You have the average amount of openness to new experiences. You have a strong core of habits, hobbies, friends and loves in your life, and you don't usually require something new to feel like you've had a good day. However, once in a while, when it's been some time since you've tried something new, you get that itch for something new that you must scratch. So every so often you do something to change things up, and because it's not that common for you, it feels all the better for it. In short, you stand in the middle between being totally open to new experiences and being totally closed to them.
Not Quite Open
Your answers indicate that, while you may appreciate the thought of new things, you rarely feel the need to actually try them. You probably have a complete set of the things you like, like hobbies of interests you've had most of your life, old friends, the food and music and entertainment you love the most and the people that make you feel best. Once in a year or a few years, you try something new, usually for the thrill and relief of going back to the things you love, being proven right once again that most new experiences are not for you.
Closed Until Further Notice
Your answers indicate that you abhor change. You believe that the hobbies, friends, food, music and entertainment you have now are all you'll ever need. As far as you're concerned, you've found everything you wanted, and there is nothing to gain by trying new things. Even if they ARE found to be better, you just can't be bothered. The time of trying new things has passed, and you are more than happy to remain within your 'box'. That means staying at home a lot, eating the foods you love, watching the genres you love and keeping to the places you love. Other people can have fun with their new experiences, you just want the old.
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