What Do You Know About Farm Animals?

 Side by side, farm animals have been working with humans for thousands of years and were the first to be domesticated. These are the animals that help us most - do you know a little about them? Then take our quiz and answer some trivia!
How long does a hen take to produce a new egg?
24 to 26 hours, to be more precise.
Around 24 hours
Around 48 hours
Around 72 hours
Around 12 hours
Complete the sentence: "Goats have _______ pupils."
True or False: Pigs cannot look directly up to the sky
What do cows do when a storm is coming?
One theory states they do this to preserve their piece of dry grass before it gets wet. Others posture it may be to ease their stomachs which are sensitive to atmospheric pressure.
Run for cover
Start making loud bleating
Plop down
Which of these animals mate for life?
Geese mate for life and even mourn their partners when they die
What farm animal has breeds named Zwartbles, Corriedale, and Merino?
What is considered the most intelligent farm animal?
Pigs are much smarter than some may think, and have been shown to be highly intelligent animals.
The Horse
The Pig
The Goose
The Goat
True or False: The red flap of skin hanging off a turkey's nose is called a snood and both male and female have the same length
False, the female doesn't have a snood
False, the male snood is longer
False, the female snood is longer
Cows cannot see this color.
Some breeds of chickens can lay colored eggs. What colors are they?
The Ameraucana and Araucana can lay eggs of green or blue.
Red and blue
Blue and green
Green and yellow
Gray and red
Which of these animals is known to provide good companionship for other animals as well?
Goats are great companions for other farm animals, including horses, cows, and chickens.
This farm animal has the largest eyes of any land mammal
The eyes of a horse are roughly 1.34 inches in diameter, surpassed only by the eyes of whales, seals and ostriches.
The Horse
The Goat
The Sheep
The Cat
Not Your Best...
Seems like you still have some things to learn about our friends the farm animals. You may have not grown up in a rural area or it has been too long since you've spent time with such animals. How about trying again?
Well Done!
You sure know your share of farm animal trivia! They are a wonderful bunch of characters, and they have been an integral part of our culture from the times we were little and were taught how to spell! Most of them make great pets as well, as many learn to love their humans. Well done!
Are You a Farmer?
Wow, you really know your farm animals! Did you grow up on a farm or as a farmer? You've beaten our poor quiz, which never stood a chance. Next time we'll come at you with harder farm animal trivia! In the meantime, congratulations on acing our quiz!
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