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How many days are there in a fortnight?
A fortnight is 2 weeks
Which of these is NOT a play by Shakespeare?
Troilus and Criseyde is a work by Chaucer, although Shakespeare has a play called: "Troilus and Cressida"
Troilus and Criseyde
The Tempest
King Lear
Anthony and Cleopatra
What country in Africa has Monrovia as its capital?
Where can one find the Bermuda Triangle?
In the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean
In the eastern part of the Indian Ocean
In the northern part of the Pacific Ocean
In the southern part of the Pacific Ocean
Who developed the cartoon series of Tom and Jerry?
Hanna and Barbera created the unforgettable duo in 1940.
William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
The Warner Brothers
Walt Disney
Matt Groening
When was the first Oscar prize given?
"Wings" was the first winner of the best picture award.
What was the main reason thousands of Irish immigrants came to the USA?
It was known as The Great Hunger or the Great Starvation, lasting from 1845 to 1849 and causing mass migration.
A famine
Being prosecuted for their religion
British rule of North Ireland
A ratio of more men than women in Ireland
Which European country was occupied by Britain from 1814 until 1964?
Which of these animals has the highest blood pressure in the mammal kingdom?
In order for the blood to climb that long neck and reach the brain, a giraffe needs a very high blood pressure.
How many humans were on Noah's Ark?
These include Noah, his wife, his 3 sons and each of their wives.
The Witching Hour is what time of night?
3 AM
4 AM
1 AM
What 1988 movie gave Julia Roberts her big break in movies?
Mystic pizza is a charming comedy drama about people working at a pizzeria while trying to find love
Mystic Pizza
Pretty Woman
Rain Man
A Fish Called Wanda
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