What Does Your Musical Taste Reveal About You?

 Music seems to grip our soul better than any comparable experience, so much that we consider certain songs or pieces to be truly ‘ours’. The following psychological test has been designed to help you find out whether the music you adore suits your unique personality.
From which of these movies do you most remember the music?
The Godfather
The Mask
Wayne's World
The Bodyguard
Which of these dances do you most like?
Rumba (any body shaking dance)
Rock and roll
A slow dance
Which of these is the most perfect song title?
Symphony 9
Hey, Let's See How You Move!
The Fury of Evil
Paris, the Moon, and Us
What part of a song do you usually enjoy most?
That it goes on for more than 10 minutes
Whether you can dance to it.
The verse and chorus combination.
The melody.
What's the best name for a pet?
A mix of two names I like.
You like listening to your favorite music...
At a concert or in a quiet place with a glass of wine.
Anywhere. But best on a sunny beach.
In my room, alone.
With my loved one.
What purpose does music serve, do you think?
To enjoy the talent of the musicians.
To help us dance.
To express our feelings.
To set a romantic mood.
What's the perfect scenario for you to enjoy music.
Standing on the balcony of a skyscraper.
On a sunny beach or flowery meadow.
At a steel-producing plant.
Walking along a candlelit path with my love.
Choose one texture which best describes your taste in music.
Choose one musical instrument that you'd like to play.
Electric guitar
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