How Much Basic Archeology Do You Know?

 Archeology is the study of human history and prehistory by excavating ancient sites and analyzing the remains they find. Through archeology we learned almost all we know about the very ancient world and especially about prehistory. Are you ready to check your own knowledge of these important discoveries? Then it's time to take our quiz!
The Rosetta Stone is important because...
It helped experts decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs
It is the oldest known written record
It describes the daily life of the citizens of Pompeii
It was the first time the world discovered Egyptian hieroglyphs
The Terracotta Army is...
A huge mosaic found in one of the ancient pyramids in Peru
A huge army of soldier statues hidden in a cave in China
A mythical Persian army we only know about through statues
The legendary Egyptian army Pharaohs were supposed to be able to call upon in the afterlife
Where were the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii found?
Near Naples, in Italy
Near Athens, in Greece
Near Jerusalem, in Israel
Near Baghdad, in Iraq
The Dead Sea Scrolls have provided insight to the following period of time:
The time around the life of Jesus Christ
The time about 700 years before Christ
The time about 300 years after Christ
The time around 2000 years before the birth of Christ
Easter Island, Chile, is home to 887 massive statues. What are they called?
Rapa Nui
Perhaps the most famous discovery of all time was the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh....
The tomb held over 2000 items of treasure to study and help understand so much more about ancient Egyptian culture
Ramses II
Machu Picchu is an incredible settlement left by the...
Incan Empire
Mayan Empire
In 1974, paleoanthropologists in Ethiopia unearthed a hominid female skeleton 3.2 million years old. What has this famous skeleton come to be called?
Using historical records, experts were able to find the grave of king Richard III. When was this?
His remains were put to rest again in a marble tomb in 2015, in Leicester Cathedral.
Sue, the biggest T. Rex dinosaur set of bones ever found, is on display at...
The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago
The American Museum of Natural History, New York
The Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington D.C.
How old are the oldest remains of the modern (Homo Sapiens) human?
200,000 years ago in Africa
2 million years ago in Africa
100,000 years ago in Asia
500,000 years ago in the Middle East
Which of these is NOT an ancient pyramid found in Mexico?
Temple of Kukulcan (Chichen Itza)
Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan)
The Great Pyramid (Calakmul)
Pyramid of the Eagles (Ste Huracan)
Try Again
Sorry but this test didn't seem to go your way. There are so many fascinating discovering in archeology. We do urge you to learn more about it, the far past is full of such interesting cultures and traditions, as well as many lessons we still learn from today. Take another crack at it or check your mistakes.
You certainly are no ignoramus when it comes to archeology. You obviously know about some of these oh-so-important discoveries that have revealed to us so much about the very ancient world. We wish more was left behind. You did quite well for yourself in this test but not perfect, you can try again for that higher score or look at your mistakes.
Archeological Expert
Are you going to pull out a whip and dive into the jungle in search of treasure? You really have a LOT of knowledge about archeology, and we find that a terrific trait. Please keep learning and teaching others about these wonderful discoveries that tell us more about the generations that lived on this earth so long ago.
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