Can You Find the Odd Photo in 60 Seconds?

  This FIND THE ODD IMAGE challenge is a bit different than most. It's slightly easier, but it's also much harder! This is because you will need to locate each odd photo in a time limit of 60 seconds. That means you have one minute in which to find the odd photo! We will explain all the difference if you click the 'show my mistake' button at the end of the quiz. Good luck!
In each of these questions, you'll have 60 seconds to pick the odd image. Ready?
I'm Ready!
Choose the odd London Bridge
The crown is missing in the center
Find the odd Statue of Liberty
The fingers of the left hand are missing
Find the odd Taj Mahal
It has different towers/columns on the left and right
Find the odd Big Ben
The gargoyle on the right side of the clock is missing
Choose the odd St. Basil's Church
The rightmost tower is missing a circle
Choose the odd Golden Gate Bridge
At the lower side of the bridge's column, an X shaped steel beam is missing
Choose the odd view of Santorini Island
In the left side of the photo, there is a window missing
Choose the odd London Eye
There's a caravan missing on the left side
Find the odd Colosseum
Off the right to the center there is a window missing
Find the odd Hagia Sophia (Istanbul)
There is a cross missing inside a red circle in the upper part of the right tower in the left side of the photo
It's a Fail
It may be that time got the better of you, or just a few mistakes along the way. It happens. When it does, the best thing to do is get up, shake yourself off, and try again! How about it? If not, have a look at the answers by clicking on 'Show My Mistakes.
Good Job!
Time was a bit of a hindrance for you but in most cases, you definitely beat the clock! You knew exactly where to look to find the various elements and as much as we tried to make things difficult for you we obviously failed. You can try again for a perfect score or have a look at your answers and mistakes.
Top Scores!
You nailed this test! This indicates one of two things: you either have a great memory for these places and immediately knew what was wrong, or you have an incredible eye and a quick brain for finding differences. Either way, you aced this test! Share with friends and see if they are as good at it as you are.
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