The Numbers Quiz: Which is More?

 Time to play the numbers game! How good are you at estimation? We're going to ask you a bunch of questions about speed, weight, and size. All you need to do is tell us which is the biggest, fastest, and heaviest. Sounds fair? Then good luck, and let's see how good you are at the numbers game!
Which of the following is the LONGEST distance?
The sun is 93 million (149 million km) away from the Earth, while the next longest distance is the Earth from Mars, which can be as little as 33.9 million miles or 54.6 million km.
From the center of the sun to its edge
From the sun to the Earth
From the core of the Earth to the surface
From the Earth to Mars
What weighs more, a car tire or a six foot Christmas tree?
Christmas Tree
Car Tire
Which is faster?
A grizzly bear can run at speeds of up to 35 mph (56 kph). Ursain Bolt, the fastest human, has reached 27.7 mph (44.7 kph)
Grizzly Bear
Ursain Bolt (fastest human)
Blue whale
Which of these animals weighs the most?
A white rhino can reach 2.5 tons, while the next heaviest, the giraffe, can reach up to almost 2 tons for males.
White Rhino
Which one is taller?
Empire State Building, New York
Eiffel Tower, Paris
Tokyo Tower, Tokyo
Statue of Unity, India
Which animal is fastest?
Gray foxes can reach 42 mph (67 kph)
White Shark
Gray Fox
Which weighs more?
A mixture of different sized particles is usually heavier than the particle alone. In this case, the sand builds on top of the gravel adding weight
A bucket of gravel
A bucket of sand
A bucket of sand and gravel mix
Which of these animals can jump the furthest?
Impalas can run incredibly fast and leap 33 feet (10 meters) away.
Snowshoe hare
Kangaroo rat
Which animal has more offspring in a single litter?
Female Gray Partridges can lay up to 22 eggs at a time!
Gray Partridge
Which is fastest?
The Shanghai Magnetic Maglev Train reaches 267 mph (429 kph)
The Shanghai Magnetic Maglev Train
Black Hawk helicopter
World's fastest ship
A Cheetah
What weighs more?
A bottle of wine
A bottle of vodka
Which bridge is shortest?
London bridge is 269 meters long, the next shortest is the Prague bridge with 516 meters.
London Bridge
Prague Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon
Not Your Forte?
Perhaps estimation is not your biggest skill. You probably don't run into many scenarios where you need to guess the weight of an elephant compared to that of a sedan! In any case, why not take another crack at it? Alternatively, click on 'Show My Mistakes' to see the answers.
Good Estimating!
Hey, you're pretty good at this! You probably have a good eye for physical properties and never have a hard time shopping for clothes online or estimating the size of a gift for someone you care about. When it comes to it in the future - trust your gut, it knows best.
You know It All!
Wow you are one fancy estimator! You're so good at this, have you weighed elephants before? Do you measure the speed of various vehicles for kicks? Well, whatever it is, you beat our quiz fair and square and we admit defeat. Congratulations!
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