Pick the Animals and Discover Yourself

 The royal lion, the quick rabbit, the tireless horse and the fearful deer. Every animal brings with it a symbol of an aspect of human life. In this personality test, you will be asked to pick different animals. Do NOT pick the animal you love the most. Pick by the PHOTO not just the animal. That is why there are no names on the photos. Choose with your eyes and heart, not your previous history with these animals. If you do so honestly, we will show you what kind of person you are.
Choose a Bird.
Pick a Lizard.
Pick a Dog.
Pick a Cat.
Pick a large predator.
Pick a Rodent.
Pick a large aquatic animal.
Pick a large cat.
Pick an insect.
Pick an Ape.
Pick a Farm Animal.
Choose a fairytale creature.
The Fighter
The fighter is the type of person who doesn't give up easily - on anything. They hate losing but more than that - they hate letting themselves down. Like them, you will fight for yourself, for your respect, and for your dreams. You will leave no stone unturned nor a path of 'attack' unexplored. You are ambitious about your goals, and you won't let anyone stop you when you don't want to be stopped. You're a great friend to have when trouble is afoot.
The Protector
The protector is the kind of person who is less ambitious and more protective of what they have - especially when it comes to the people they care about but also extending to what they feel is rightly THEIRS. They seek to keep their life free of threats and worries, and most of their energy goes towards maintaining and helping those they love - thus protecting them and yourselves. You are not an attacker but a defender, not a warlike person but one who is ready for war at a moment's notice if it means protecting what and who you love. People like you appreciate what they have more than they covet. It's not that you are not ambitious or have dreams, it's that when you build - you build in order to have something to protect.
The Loner
Don't get us wrong. Being a loner type doesn't mean you LIKE being alone or even ARE alone. People may surround you. But there is a place inside you that thrives and becomes more effective when you are alone. Some of your thoughts are clearer; you get more in touch with yourself and can attain the peace to plan for your future. You may love people, but you also love that time you have with yourself to recharge and ponder. You may be an introvert, or you may be a people person who also benefits from time alone.
The Adventurer
The adventurer type is rarely content staying in one place, one style, one house, or, at times, even one country. There is a restlessness that comes from being bound to a place and reliving the same days over and over that bothers this type of person. They may not always know where that weird itch comes from, that restless feeling. It is the wanderlust, calling your name for something different. If you can't make significant changes in your life, try small ones daily, it will make you feel refreshed and more satisfied.
The Thinker
In every group of people, there is at least one person who looks a little bit thoughtful. Perhaps they are pondering; perhaps they are watching the other people in the group and thinking about what they might be thinking about. The thinker type is usually highly aware of him/herself. They look, they analyze - and they mourn their inability to stop overthinking everything! But such is the life of a thinker. Sometimes it leads to great bouts of wit and creativity, while others may let it bully them into anxiety and depression. Use your natural gifts, but don't let them use you.
The People Person
You're the life of the party, the laughter in the silent room. When you enter a place, everyone is a bit happier. This doesn't mean you are always active and attract a lot of attention. You just really get on with people. You feel more energized around them, you love your family, you adore your friends, and you worship your partner. You love loving people, and they love you in turn - how could they not? Loving people is where a lot of kindness and progress comes from. Keep on being who you are. We all need more loving and social people in our lives.
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