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 History isn't such a far-fetched thing. It's what brought us to this point in time, just as real as we are right now. As such, it deserves our respect and our understanding. Do you give history its fair due? Then come test your knowledge with our newest general history quiz!
Which country was the first to enter Berlin when Germany was finally defeated in WWII?
In early 1945, with Germany's defeat inevitable, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin set his two marshals in a race to capture Berlin. The other allied forces allowed the Russians to be first to conquer Berlin.
Among Mahatma Gandhi's beliefs were...
Gandhi believed fervently in Truth and non-violent resistance. He was also a Hindu, although he criticized many of their social behaviors.
Hinduism, Non-violent resistance
Atheism and that violence is the last resort, but can be necessary
Christianity and the rebirth of non-violent souls
Buddhism and feminism
How much did the USA pay Russia for the territory of Alaska?
In today's money it would be 125 million
7.2 million
50 million
250 million
10.8 million
How long ago did the dinosaurs go extinct?
65 million years
1.5 billion years
650 million years
330 million years
When was the telephone invented?
While Alexander Graham Bell won the first US patent for it, it may have been invented as early as 1849 by an Italian or in 1854 by a Frenchman.
During the 1870s
During the 1910s
During the 1930s
During the 1780s
Which of these was NOT one of Hitler's high-ranking Nazis?
Heinrich Himmler
Adolf Eichmann
Hermann Göring
Konrad Zuse
When did Stalin die and from what cause?
It was in march 5, 1953 that Stalin has a stroke and passed away.
During the 50s and he died from a stroke
During the 60s and he was murdered with a rifle
During the 60s and he died from lung cancer
During the 50s and he died in a plane crash
Which 3 decades were considered the 'The Wild West' days in Western USA?
How do we know the teachings of Socrates?
Socrates left no writings. Most of what we know of him comes from Plato's writings.
He wrote 5 books, 3 survived
Mostly through the writings of Plato
By the stone tablets he left which included his golden rules for living
Only by the teachings of Aristotle
In 1906, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake his a major US city, killing many. Which city was it?
More than 3,000 people lost their lives that day and over 80% of the city was destroyed.
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Saint Paul
Where was Karl Marx Born?
Before China became the 'Republic of China' in 1912, what kind of system of government did it have?
It was ruled as an empire with an emperor of the Qing dynasty.
Pure Capitalist
Not a Historian Yet!
It may be time to brush up on your history a bit. There's no need to fret though since we're sure that with a little more care and attention you'll be able to get much better results on your next attempt. While many people find it easy to disregard what happened in the past, the wise know that there's much that can be learned from it!
You've Got Some Historical Chops!
Good show! From your answers it is clear that you know your history pretty well. Even though your score isn't perfect, you show enough enthusiasm for the subject matter to be considered an amateur historian, and with further study you could quite easily become an expert! Make sure to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're as knowledgeable as you are!
Your Historical Knowledge is Epic!
Absolutely incredible! Your knowledge of the history is sublime. You are a keen lover of history. The world truly is better off with you in it, since without people like you, we'd be cursed to keep repeating the same historical mistakes over and over again. Make sure to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're as knowledgeable as you are.
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