How Much Do You Like Other People?

 Do you feel comfortable around other people or do you dread social interactions? This personality test is going to ask you a variety of questions, some directly to your conscious self and some to your subconscious. Answer honestly and we'll tell you how much you like others.
Choose a color you identify with.
How many close friends do you have that you spend time with just the both of you?
How easy is it for you to trust people?
Extremely hard, unless I've known them a very long time
Easy. I only stop trusting if they break my trust.
It's difficult but I make myself do it because I don't want to miss on good people
It's not easy but not hard either. I have my suspicions but let people be innocent until proven guilty
Which of these would you rather do on a free evening?
Going out to dinner with friends
Dinner with my partner
Talk to people in messages and on the phone and then relax by myself
Reading a book
Pick a painting.
How many friends can you recall that you spend time with but not alone (at social engagements)?
When you were a child, how did you get along with the other children?
I was very popular
Just normal I guess. I don't recall any particular problems.
It was a bad childhood, and I had problems fitting in or having friends
When I was very young I had friends but as a teen I was lonely and secluded
Pick the animal you feel most kinship to (pick as fast as you can)
How many people do you think is optimal for a good evening out?
No more than 2 - Like a couple of friends watching a movie
2-4 people, for example a double date
5-8 people - Like a good dinner table
10+ or just a party with lots of people
What is the primary emotion this image make you feel?
What was your family life like when you were growing up?
We were a big family with lots of good times and bad, but a lot of memories
We were a small family but a loving one, I grew up feeling loved
It was a dysfunctional family. Seemed more a group of personal relationships than a real family dynamic
My parents divorced (or one was lost) and I grew up quite disconnected from a real family life
A loving family but not a tight one. I grew up not feeling very close to them
Are you still close with the best friend or friends you had growing up?
Yes. We keep very close ties.
No. We wanted to but life and geography just made it too hard.
No. We didn't really try much after high school.
Yes, but just on social media or a rare message or phone call.
A People Person
You're a total people person! You derive most of your excitement and energy from other people. The more people around, the more social and happy you become (unless it's an angry mob, of course!) You delight in having many friends with different personalities and attributes. You love going out and spending time outside the home or hosting people. You delight in large families and probably grew in a pretty close-knit and perhaps large family. You enjoyed having friends all your life, and you couldn't see yourself living without them.
Hell is Other People
It's not that you specifically hate other people. It's that you have had a lot of unpleasant experiences in your life, and most of them were because of other people. You like individuals, but the more people surround you, the more you feel the need to escape and be by yourself. You don't like doing things while being watched, you enjoy a very small but close-knit circle of friends, and you try your best not to go to parties or concerts, where you'll be surrounded by people. You probably grew up without a large group of friends or may have had some, and time drew you apart. But you don't really feel a loss. You enjoy being by yourself more than anything, with the exception of a close spouse or dear friend or family member you have in your life and who fills your need for company.
A Little Goes a Long Way
You don't dislike people; you just have a limit. That limit can be quickly reached by a very long evening with friends or a party where you don't know most people. You don't dislike people, but they wear you down the more time you spend with them, and within a few hours, you've probably had your fill of social behavior. Between you and your partner, if you have one, you're always the one who wants to leave the party early. You have a few good friends and/or family that you're close with, and that's all you feel you need. The best fun is with a few friends at home.
Right in the Middle
You're not a people person, nor do you dislike people. You are right in the middle, a normal person. You sometimes love social events, especially if a bit lubricated, you love to laugh and have a good time, especially if you're going out to do something fun. You grew up with a good amount of friends and in a relatively normally functioning family. However, like most people, you have periods where you need to be alone, don't feel like going out, or are just focused on yourself. That is normal behavior, so don't feel bad about having changing enthusiasm levels for social behavior, few are the people who can be social all the time.
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