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 English never rests, and neither should English quizzes! Let's face it, they're just so much fun, and quite a thrill to beat them! So, without further ado, here's a fun English quiz that will take some vocabulary skills to ace!
Find the corresponding meaning for this word
Agree to something
Object to something
Run away
Find a synonym for this word
Complete the phrase.
Find the right meaning for this word
Eye makeup
Pertaining to death
A very long story
A fancy type of dress
Find the right meaning for this word
Keen insight
A terrible odor
A group of scientists
Find the right synonym for this word
Something made into an event
Find the right meaning for this word
To vomit
To revive someone or restore to consciousness
To heal sick plants
A movie sequel that was a dud
Find an antonym for this word
Choose the correct meaning for the word
To use a lot of makeup
To turn something unattractive to something attractive
The act of romanticizing outer space
What astronomers were initially called
Choose the correct meaning for the word
For example, the penultimate episode of a season on TV means the episode before last.
The most ultimate
Giving a final ultimatum
A type of pen only used by royalty in Spain
Second to last
Complete the phrase.
Choose the correct meaning for the word
An old term for a person who is very annoying
The study of how to irritate opponents
The study of flags
The study of what makes people angry
Practice Thy English
Woops! Your results show that it seems you're not completely confident with the most advanced aspects of the English language. But don't worry because we've got you covered here at BabaMail! With a huge repertoire of language quizzes for you to try, we're confident that you'll see a significant improvement in your English skills with enough practice.
You're a Gentleperson and a Scholar
Not bad! While you haven't graduated with straight A's, you answered enough of these challenging questions correctly to show that you've got a rather tight grasp over the trickier parts of the English language. With enough focus and practice, we're positive that you'll do even better the next time around! If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family to see how they fare!
Too Easy For You!
Wow, what an incredibly outstanding result! You've clearly done a lot of reading throughout your days, and we wouldn't be surprised if you've even dabbled in a bit of writing, too. Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're anywhere near as magnificent as you are!
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