How Much Do You Know About Human Biology?

It's with us when we're born, it's there when we die, and we use it constantly - it's the human body, and it's quite incredible. How well do you know the body you use all day? Take our quiz and find out!
Which organ in the human body weighs 2% of the body weight but uses 20% of its energy resources?
The Brain
The Heart
The Liver
The Kidneys
How many blood types are there (including positive and negative)?
Which of these statements about the human cell is correct?
The cell contains the nucleus, which contains the chromosomes, which are made of protein and DNA...
Our DNA contains the nucleus of the cell
The nucleus of the cell contains our DNA
Our DNA contains our chromosomes
Our DNA changes from cell to cell, no two are alike
True or False: We have FIVE senses
We actually have at least 4 more senses, including balance, temperature, spatial body awareness and pain.
True. They are touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing
False. We have at least four more senses
A person who suffers from myopia...
Can't see far objects clearly
Can't see close objects clearly
Can't see color
Can't see anything clearly at all
When does the brain work hardest?
When we are awake, the brain cells are working very hard at processing all the information about our surroundings. Whereas during sleep, they work very, very hard at removing all the waste that builds up when we are awake.
When we're awake
When we're asleep
Over 50% of the brain's cortex is used only to process information from this sense.
Visual information takes a lot of brain power to process and make clear to us.
Which of these is NOT a sign you have a liver problem?
Skin and eyes turning yellow
Abdominal pain
A rash on the legs
There are three types of muscles: Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles and...
Skeletal Muscles
Blood Muscles
Skin Muscles
Spine Muscles
What is the ratio between human cells and bacteria in the human body?
There are twice as many human cells
There are twice as many bacteria
There are 10 times as many bacteria
There are 50 times as many human cells
Which of these is another name for white blood cells?
Stem Cells
When you crack your knuckles, the sound you hear comes from...
The sliding of bones against one another
Gas bubbles bursting in our joints
Joints stretching and then quickly returning to their place
Pulling out a finger bone from its place and then popping it back
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You didn't get many questions right on this one, sorry to say. Maybe it's time to learn a bit more about the incredible machine you call a body. It's unbelievable how complex and amazing our body is, and there is so much to know, who can fault you?
Good Job!
You certainly know your way around the human body, and have a good knowledge about its workings, its cells and its major organs. There are still some mistakes you can look at by clicking on show mistakes and learn from, but we think you did a really good job answering, so good for you!
You Aced It!
You did super well! Obviously you have a great knowledge of the body, its workings, its various systems, organs and cells. Good for you! You'll be surprised at the amount of people who hardly know their body's incredible secrets. Congratulations for acing our quiz!
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