Can You Crack This Tricky Vocabulary Quiz?

 Welcome to another round of our favorite English quiz - the Vocabulary quiz! Can you successfully define these 12 tricky English words? We're counting on you!
Define the word "Acquiesce"
Tell a secret
Surrender to the enemy
Smell something horrible
Agree to a request
Choose a synonym for the word "Conundrum"
"Her speech was scintillating, and was well received." In this sentence, what does "Scintillating" mean?
Serious and to the point
Wordy and verbose
Short and sweet
Brilliant and exciting
If a person is a "Sycophant" - what does it mean?
They are insane
They flatter their bosses
They lose their temper
They are liars
If a person is "Agelastic" - what does that make them?
They don't laugh
They are very flexible
They are sick
They are of high social standing
"It was his hubris that eventually lead to his downfall." In this sentence, what does "Hubris" mean?
Define the word "Euphemism".
Using a milder word
A long and uninterrupted sleep
Intense joy
Something that has been dead a long time
"Everyone says she's sad, but I think it's a misnomer." What does the person mean by this sentence?
That the person is very sad indeed
That the person is not actually sad
That people think the person isn't sad when in fact she is
That the person will not be sad for long
If someone is hedonistic, what kind of people are they?
Addicted to pleasures
Addicted to happiness
Addicted to heroin
Which of these is an Antonym for the word "Metaphor"?
"He was being glib, so I sent him to the principal's office." In this sentence, what does "Glib" mean?
What does the word "Quagmire" mean?
A big crowd of people
A large group of women
A problematic situation
A period of time where little happens
Try Again?
Oh, dear! Unfortunately, it seems you don't quite have what it takes to pass your A Level English exam. But don't worry, since all you need to do is sit back and relax with a great collection of literary works, and we're sure you'll see a dramatic improvement in no time at all! Never give up, and be sure to take this test again as soon as you feel ready!
Good Work!
Pretty good show! While you didn't get 100% of the answers right, you got enough correct answers to prove that you're no fool when it comes to vocabulary. It clearly shows that you really love English! Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends and family to see if they're as smart as you are!
You Aced This Quiz!
Outstanding! Your incredible score shows that you've certainly done a lot of reading in your life since your range of vocabulary is off the wall! We'd be very surprised if you weren't a native English speaker since obtaining such a result would take many years of dedicated study. Congratulations from all of us at BabaMail, we're looking forward to hearing your speech at graduation!
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