Think You Know the Renaissance?

 The Renaissance was a period of immense progress in Europe, both culturally and technologically. How well do you know this wonderful era that gave us such incredible art and inventions? Test your knowledge with this History Quiz!
The period of the European Renaissance is believed to come into being...
The European Renaissance is believed to have started in Italy during the 14th century.
Right after the death of Christ
During the 2nd century after the fall of Rome
During the 9th century
During the 14th century after the middle ages
Which of these names was one of the most important artists of the Renaissance period?
An interesting tidbit: Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci despised each other, apparently because of an old dispute they had about a.... donkey?? That is so bizarre it must be true.
Francois Boucher
Duccio di Buoninsegna
Which of these is NOT an example of Renaissance Architecture?
Construction on Durham Cathedral ended in 1133, during the Middle Ages.
The Sistine Chapel
St. Peter's Basilica
Hospital of Innocents
Durham Cathedral
Most historians believe that the era of the Renaissance began in this city.
Historians have pinpointed the beginning of the cultural change to Florence in the late 13th century, with writers such as Dante Alighieri (The Divine Comedy) and followed by many works of art.
During the Renaissance, artists were initially considered...
Craftsmen, they worked in workshops and belonged to guilds.
The bottom of the social rung, looked down upon even by farmers.
Touched by God, mad with inspiration, to be respected and feared.
As respected and honored as nobility.
What did Galileo do that made him a heretic in the eyes of the Catholic Church?
He argued that the planets, including the Earth, orbited around the sun
He invented a telescope that could see the stars
He said that there were moons orbiting the planet Jupiter
He presented a theory on where the light from the Moon came from (the sun)
True or False: The Elizabethan Era began and ended during the Renaissance period.
True, it began in 1558, was famous for its culture (which included the works of one William Shakespeare) and ended in 1603 with the death of Queen Elizabeth I
The Renaissance followed a period of very little cultural and technological progress, also known as...
The Middle Ages, also known as Medieval Times, lasted for almost 1000 years, from the 5th to the 15th century (in some places 14th)
The Roman Empire
The Era of Darkness
The Middle Ages
The Near Antiquity Era
Which of these artists is NOT an artist of the Renaissance period?
Francisco Goya, one of the great portraitists of the Spanish court, painted during the 18th century, and is considered part of Romanticism art.
Leonardo da Vinci
Hieronymus Bosch
Francisco Goya
Which of these paintings is an example of Renaissance art?
Scuola di Atene (The School of Athens) was painted by Raphael in 1509-1511
Most agree the most important invention of the Renaissance was the printing press. Who invented it?
Johannes Gutenberg
John Locke
Nikola Tesla
William Shakespeare, probably the greatest playwright of the Renaissance, wrote about _________________.
Scholars believe there may be as many as 20 (!) plays of Shakespeare forever lost to history, which potentially gives him 57 plays!
37 plays and hundreds of sonnets
118 plays and thousands of sonnets
18 plays and dozens of sonnets
87 plays and 154 sonnets
You Still Have Much to Learn...
Unfortunately you didn't get high scores on this quiz, which means you may still have a lot to learn about this fascinating time in history. The Renaissance was a glorious time for art, culture, architecture and science, and is well worth learning more about. You may even know more than you think..
Good Job!
You definitely have some familiarity with this period of European history. It's a fascinating period with some of the most famous artists in history living during it. What a time to be an artist or even a patron of the arts! That said, you still have some ways to go before you get a really high score. How about trying the quiz again, perhaps this time you'll find it easier? Or, alternatively, have a look at the our answers to learn from your mistakes.
A True Renaissance Man (Or Woman!)
Wow, you have your history down pat! Incredible show on your part, dear friend. You really aced this test and showed us you know a lot about this fascinating period of growth and progress in European history. While the period is very popular, few are the people who can point to something and say with conviction that this is from the Renaissance period. You've impressed us deeply. Good for you!
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