What Kind of Scholar Would You Be?

 Have you ever wondered how life would be if you chose a different career path, one that is grounded in the academic world? What kind of intellectual and scholar would YOU be? Take our quiz to find out!
What branch of academics interests you the most?
The Mathematical branch: Physics, Stats, Math, Engineering etc.
The Social Sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology etc.
The Philosophical subjects
I don't care as long as I'm participating in cutting edge research
Do You Enjoy Writing?
Yes, I love it
No, I hate it
Yes but it's so hard I rarely do it
No, I prefer doing actual lab work
Do you like challenges?
I LIVE for challenges
Not really, I'd rather not be challenged
I hate challenges, leave me alone!
I don't hate them, sometimes I even enjoy them
Do you like spending time with other people?
Yes, I'm very social
No, I love being alone with my thoughts
Yes, I love discussing things with other people
No, I don't hate people but I'd rather have a quiet night at home
What's your ideal study environment?
At home, in bed
Coffee shop
In the library
You've gone to a restaurant with your spouse and another couple. What do you talk about?
The last book I read
My current research
My friends and other people I know
Nothing, I wait for them to broach a subject
What's your ideal weekend activity?
Lying in bed with a good book
Working on my research
Hanging out with a bunch of other people talking and drinking
Taking time for myself and doing nothing at all
You and a bunch of other people get stuck on an island when your plane makes an emergency landing. What are YOU doing?
Trying to organize the other people and get to know them
Exploring the jungle and see what I can find that we can use to survive
Starting a diary and document all that we do on this dreadful adventure
Waiting for someone to tell me what should be done
Which of these careers attracts you the most?
A famous artist
The CEO of a major company
A bartender at a fun and cool bar
Someone who stays home and takes care of their family
You are asked to deliver a speech at the retirement of a friend. Your speech will be...
Filled with jokes and witty lines
Detailed and to-the-point
Fanciful, verbally-amusing and stylish
I wouldn't do it, public speaking is abhorrent to me
What do you do most when surfing online?
I browse and use social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
I search for articles on subjects that interest me
I search for things I can use in my work such as new facts and new pieces of current information
I look for entertainment and funny things I can get into bed and amuse myself
A Teaching Scholar
As an academic, you must spend a lot of time alone, studying. However, for social people such as yourself, being a teaching academic is probably your role. You will delve deep into the material, but not as deep as a researcher, preferring to pass along knowledge to the next one gemeratopm, making sure the love of academics is alive and well. Beyond this, this result indicates you're a highly social person, generous with your time and a terrific friend to have.
A Quiet Scholar
You would be a quiet academic. The kind who do not like to teach or write for others, but prefer to carry on their research by themselves, delving deep into the writings of others and learning for the sake of learning, not for the sake of showing off your knowledge or making money from it. You would love academics for academics, improving your inner world and inner knowledge, for that is the most important part of the world for you, the part that is inside you. You love growing and developing yourself to new height of personal growth. It's not that you don't like other people, but you need that time alone to recharge yourself and have the quiet you need to focus on what you want to learn.
A Discovering Scienstist
You would be the kind of academic who never rests, always looking for the next big discovery. You are more likely to work in physical subjects and not subjects of the mind, such as physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, among others. You are always looking for the next big discovery that will change the world. There is nothing in this world you enjoy more than researching your current project and coming close to discovering innovations and inventing new procedures. What you love about academics is breaking the limits of previous human knowledge. You would never enjoy a quiet academic life, preferring to push the envelope any chance you get.
A Publishing Scholar
You would be a publishing academic. An academic whose main goal is to write and publish works of research and teachings. Your main goal is to spread your opinions and research as far and wide as possible, either for teaching regular people more about academics or assisting other academics in their own understandings. Your days would be filled with writing your books and reading articles and books by other academics so you keep your hand in and stay up-to-date. Nothing would make you happier than seeing your words appearing on paper. Beyond academics, this means there are things inside you that you'd like to share with the world, a depth of knowledge, emotion and experience that is eager to come out of you. Why not try to write in THIS life? You might really enjoy the experience, even if you don't publish it.
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