How Do You Communicate Your Love?

 No matter who you are, you are someone who expresses love for another and longs to receive love in return. Yet, we do not all express love in the same way, even long time partners have a different way of showing their affections to one another. How do you show your lover how you feel? Find out by taking this ultimate lovers’ test.
Which of these is the sweetest thing your partner could do for you?
A touching compliment when I'm feeling down.
A surprise trip to a quiet place.
Takie me to the doctor if I'm unwell.
A bouquet of flowers, or give me their big T-shirt to sleep in.
A romantic or passionate kiss.
Which one of these are you most likely to do for your love?
Leave a love note for them.
Give them a back rub without being asked.
Cook them dinner after a hard day.
Bring home a special present for no reason.
Do something special - in private.
How vital is the integration of family into your relationship?
Not vital
Quite important
Very important
Absolutely vital
How long can you stand to be away from your partner?
A week is fine.
No more than 1 day.
I'm not sure. It depends.
A couple of weeks is okay.
2 or 3 days, max.
How would you react if your significant other did not want to do anything for St. Valentine's Day?
I wouldn't mind.
I'd ask for a good reason why not.
I'd be very upset.
I'd tell them to accept it and try to enjoy it.
I'd figure out something for us to do to celebrate anyway.
Which of your partner's qualities do you love the most?
That I can speak to them freely.
That we can sit together in silent peace.
That they know what I need without me saying anything.
That they know what I like and value.
How they make me feel when they hold me.
What do you usually do when you spend quality time together?
Talk about our days.
Sit together, watch TV or a movie.
It's hard for us to find the time.
Something else we enjoy doing.
Share a hot bath/shower.
Which of the following complaints would an old flame least likely have to say about you?
That I was too negative.
That I didn't give them enough attention.
That I was too selfish.
That I never gave them anything nice.
That I was too cold, physically.
How much do you approve of and like public displays of affection?
Not at all.
A little.
I like them.
I LOVE them.
Sweet Words
Quality Time
Acts of Service
Physical Touch
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