What Kind of Friend Are You, Truly?

 We all are friends to someone. But what KIND of friend are we? Whether in a group of friends or having just a few close friendships - this quiz will help you realize what kind of friend you are and why your friends stick around.
woman talking on her phone
When do your friends usually call you?
When they're hungry
When they want to go out
When they're in trouble
When they need a laugh
When they need advice
woman putting her finger to her lips
Your best friend told you an important secret. Will you be able to keep it?
Of course, what are friends for?!?
It's hard for me, but I'll try my best
Only if it's serious and only to my closest people
Probably not
a group of women walking outside
What is your favorite way of spending time with your friends?
Cooking a delicious meal together
Sitting at a coffee shop
At a party or a celebratory event
Going out in nature
Watching a movie
women sitting on stairs and laughing
When you reminisce with your friends, what do you talk about?
The stupid and silly things we did when we were younger
Inside jokes only we understand
Our love life
The adventures we went through together abroad
The difficult things we dealt with together
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How do you prefer spending your free time?
With my friends
With my family
I wish I had free time
Alone with myself
Doesn't matter as long as it's out of the house
A couple holds hands and walks down the street
Your best friend has started dating someone you can't stand. How will you react?
I'll convince them they're not the right person for them
My friends have never dated someone I didn't like
I'll find a way to laugh it off
I'll ignore it - probably won't last
I'll give them a second chance for my friend's sake
friends taking a selfie at the beach
How did you meet your best friend?
At work
In college
Through other friends
We were childhood friends
I can't remember
people with phones
How do you like to communicate with your friends when they're not around?
In a phone call
In text messages
We write long emails
On Facebook messages
two people talking on the street man and woman
What do you like talking about with your friends the most?
Politics and current events
Anything not related to work
Our relationships
Movies, music, TV and art
Our children
two women laughing at a natural setting
How many years as friends should you be before you can be considered 'best friends'?
At least 10 years
At least 5 years
At least a year
It's about the feeling, not the time
a woman setting a table
Do you prefer hosting or being hosted?
Being hosted
I'd prefer to go somewhere neither needs to host
people creating a star with their fingers
How many good friends would you say you have?
1 or 2
About 5
10 or more
The Parental Friend
We wouldn't be surprised if your friends usually tell you what a great parent you'd make (or already make) because you have so much affection to give, and you're good at comforting others. You are the kind of friend who are always worrying about their friends' well-being, bringing them food when they're sick, or reminding them to check that medical issue they have been avoiding. When they achieve success, your friends love telling you about it because they know you'll be excited and supportive. You're the kind of friend we all need, who is parental but fun to be around.
The Anchor
Every group of friends has this person - the anchor - who keeps everyone together. That's YOU. It could be your friends would never remain as a group if not for you, and they would have missed out on great experiences and friendships. You may have your own problems, but you'll always be loyal to your friends and there when they really need you. This kind of steadfast support is what makes these people gather around you and keep being friends because of it. They know that whatever happens, you'll be there, as real and supportive — a pillar of friendship.
The Honest Friend
Society these days is terrible at telling people the harsh truth and not some pleasant lie. Most people will say whatever you want them to say. But everyone needs to hear the truth from time to time, as painful as it may be. This is what your friends expect of you. Whether you need to tell someone they need help or are dating the wrong person; your friends can come to you to hear the real, unvarnished truth. At the same time, they know you won't ignore their opinions and give your honest feedback. This makes you the perfect soundboard and a real help when no one else will be honest.
The Shoulder to Cry On
When your friends go through hard times, whether at work or in their relationships, they always count on your to listen to them while they unburden themselves of their pain and stress. This is something they can do with you because they know you will never judge them and listen. You have that rare patience for other people's pain that only the best of friends can manage, and no matter how long their tale is, you'll be there with a tissue to listen and make it better. Your friends know this and, as a result, are incredibly loyal to you, appreciating your supportive friendships.
The Open Minded Friend
You're the kind of friend everyone wants when it's time to go on an adventure. You've been to many places and have had many experiences, which makes you a great sharer of anecdotes and interesting. information. More importantly, you have the kind of open mind that makes sure every adventure or trip with you will have great memories and include several spontaneous adventures they could have only gotten into with you. Whether it's a small outing or a big trip - you're the perfect friend to hang out with.
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