From 1 to 5, How HAPPY Are You?

 When asked, we usually say we're happy. I mean, who wants to hear our trouble? But in truth, many of us can do more to increase our daily happiness. Take this quiz to see how happy you really are right now, and what you may need to make it better.
How much of the day would you say you spend doing things you don't enjoy? (Excluding sleep, of course!)
None or close to none
All or almost all of it
About half and half
About 1/3
Around 2/3
Do you ever find yourself lying to friends and/or family?
No, never
Yes, often
Sometimes, when I want some time for myself
Sometimes, just to make them feel good about themselves
Rarely, and only to make them feel good or to cover up something bad so I don't upset them
How do you feel about your health?
Worried, really worried
I feel unhealthy most of the time
I feel really healthy most of the time
It comes and goes
I don't give it much thought, I feel good almost all the time
Do you ever find yourself happy because something bad happened to someone else?
Yes but only when I think they deserved it
Yes I quite enjoy it as long as it doesn't happen to me
No, it's never something I enjoy, no matter who it is
Yes, but only when they were already doing better than I am
When you think of younger versions of yourself, how do you think they would feel about your current situation?
They'd be impressed
They'd be disappointed
They'd be mortified
They'd be indifferent
I really don't know
They'd be delighted
When is the nearest thing you are actually looking forward to?
This week
This month
This year
Later Today
There isn't anything I'm looking forward to
When you have problems in your life, who do you go to for advice?
My therapist
My family
My best friend
Sometimes a friend, sometimes a family member I'm close to
I don't have anyone like that
When was the last time you made a big change in your life?
Can't remember
Many years ago
A few years ago
Will be making one soon
How do you feel about your physical appearance?
I feel great about it
Not bothered by it either way
I know how to look after myself, so I feel pretty good about it
I feel pretty insecure about it
I feel bad about it
How often are you worried about money?
Basically all the time
Rarely to never
Often, when I think about it
From time to time, when there's a problem, but it's quite rare
Almost never, although maybe I should
How long has it been since you learned something new, such as a skill, a trick, a life hack or a subject?
Can't remember
Years ago
Last month
A few weeks ago
This week
Do you like your job and/or retirement?
No, I don't enjoy it at all
Yes, I love it
I don't mind it
I like the people I spend time with
It could be better
What can you tell us about your sleep?
I fall asleep but it's poor quality sleep
I struggle to fall asleep
I sleep soundly
I sleep alright most of the time
I try to sleep as much as I can whether I feel tired or not
How stressed do you feel on a daily basis?
Very stressed, even when I shouldn't be
Very stressed because my life is stressful
Almost never stressed
I'm never stressed unless it's an actual emergency
A little stress every day, but not more than I can handle
In one word, how would you define your mood most mornings when you wake up?
Comfortably sleepy
Looking forward to my coffee
5: Supremely Happy
Your life is a delight! You've found the key to your happiness. Be it family, friends, love, money, success, creative outlet or all the above - you've got IT. You have the life you want or have learned to love the life you have. You have good health, good friends and not many worries. Either that or you're just not bothered by things. In any case, it's great to be you! Share your happiness with others and help them with advice - not many can say the same as you!
4: Definitely Happy
You are happy! You have a great life that you love, and it's probably full of people that love you and appreciate you, perhaps you have great health, sleep well and have lots of money - or you've learned to accept what you can't change and are feeling happy no matter what. Keep being the way you are, it's wonderful to know there are happy people out there. You may have a few problems like everyone else, but you don't let them stand in the way of your personal sense of happiness.
3: Quite Happy
You are not unhappy or even indifferent. You are pretty pleased with your life. You are mostly comfortable, mostly unworried about the big things. That said, it's pretty easy to tile the scale and make your good day go bad. Your happiness is real but brittle, it can be shattered by events and easily taken away. Remember, true happiness is inside, no matter what happens on the outside. Find more balance inside with the amount of happiness you have, keep striving towards goals, take care of your health and sleep and go out and be social at least once a week - you'll take that little happiness hill and make it a mountain.
2: Not Happy Nor Sad
You haven't felt really happy in quite some time. Mostly you just feel numb. You go through life, enjoying little things, suffering others, and they seem to culminate in an absolute zero. You wouldn't call yourself happy, but when people ask if you're sad or depressed that doesn't sound right either. Mostly you may just be bored. Perhaps you need a big change in your life to shake the dust off a bit and experience more highs (and lows) in your life. That said, you may like being like this, and it's your choice. Remember however that this situation can easily become worse and slide into full unhappiness, so it's a better bet to inch towards happiness a little every day. Do something new, learn something new, take some chances - it'll be worth it.
1: Unhappy
Oh my, it seems you are unhappy. What a shame. Sorry to say, many are feeling the same these days, and the reasons can be many - worries about money or health or physical appearance. Bad health, too much pressure and poor sleep - all these factors as well as little time spent being social usually culminate in unhappiness. Sometimes it's a bad relationship or a bad temporary situation, but more often than not it's a life situation that we have convinced ourselves we can live with, or feel it's too much effort. It's hard to make changes to your life, but when you're feeling unhappy, you have little to lose. Make some big changes, learn something new like a skill or a language, sleep more, eat right and consult a doctor often. In addition, work on your relationship, visit more friends and family - and you'll see an increase in your happiness levels. Remember, it can always be chemical as well, so consult a doctor regarding any signs of clinical depression.
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