How Good a Dentist Would You Make?

 Teeth are so incredibly important to preserve, and yet many don't give them the attention they need. Are you particular about your teeth? How well do you think you would do as a dentist? Take our teeth trivia quiz and find out!
How many teeth do normal adults have?
With the exception of wisdom teeth, all 32 come out by age 13.
How long should you be brushing your teeth for?
A minute
2 Minutes
4 Minutes
5 Minutes
True or False: The cuspids are the biggest teeth, used to chew and grind food.
Those are the MOLARS, not the cuspids.
What is halitosis?
Chronic bad breath
Weak dental wall on your teeth
Infected root
Infected gums
What is the most common dental problem?
Surprisingly or not, tooth decay is the second most common disease in the United States after the common cold
Tooth Decay
Gum Disease
Tooth Erosion
Mouth Sores
Which of the sections points to the Enamel of the tooth.
Which of the sections includes the Gums?
What dental procedure is shown in this sequence?
Preparation for braces
Putting in dentures
A root canal
Gum Surgery
What is gingivitis?
Gingivitis happens when plaque builds up on the teeth and causes the gums to become inflamed.
Sensitive teeth
Eroded Teeth
Bad Breath
Mouth Sores
Gum Inflammation
What is the procedure to replace a missing tooth called?
Dental Implant
Tooth Bridge
Partial Denture
What kind of filling is shown in this image?
The use of amalgam metals in fillings has been going on for 150 years. That said, its use is today being debated.
Cast silver
Composite Resin
What is a root canal performed for?
For correcting the alignment of malformed teeth
To repair decayed, stained or chipped teeth and close any gaps between them
To repair teeth in jeopardy because of tooth trauma or cavities
To treat dental diseases of the dental pulp to save teeth from extraction
How much of your tooth is buried within your gum?
A third
A quarter
True or False: Teeth are unique to each individual, much like fingerprints.
True, which is why it is often used to identify bodies that cannot be identified in other ways.
How many teeth do we lose when we transfer from baby teeth to adult?
Baby teeth are with us when we are born and erupt to the surface at around six months. These 20 teeth fall out at various times through childhood.
Not Meant For Dentistry
Sorry, but it doesn't seem like you have much dentistry knowledge. At least not enough to pass this quiz. If you are actually interested in teeth, there's a lot you can learn online and from the answers to this quiz, which include more information. However, if you were never interested in dentistry and teeth to begin with, your results are honest.
A Dental Novice
You have some basic knowledge of dentistry and teeth. Not a lot, since you barely passed this quiz, but enough that you have some understanding of how teeth work. That said, there are still big gaps in your knowledge and a dentist you are not. Should you be interested in learning more, check out the answers to this quiz, which include further information.
A Dental Assitant
Good job! Your dental knowledge is definitely above average and shows either some good ol' intellectual curiosity, a good memory or some interest in dentistry and teeth. You'd probably make a pretty good dentist, and you probably know how to protect your teeth and those of your family, which is a great thing because they are ever so important to our ongoing health. Check out the answers for those questions you didn't get correct plus some more explanations.
Born to Be a Dentist!
Are you a DENTIST or work at a dental clinic? How do you know so much about teeth? In any case, you ACED this quiz! Your score is really high, especially taking into account most people know very little about their teeth, unfortunately. You definitely know how to protect your teeth and when to see a dentist, which is much more than most. Good job! If you'd like to learn more, look at the answers to get some extra facts about teeth.
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