This Visual Test Will Uncover Your Hidden Power

 This quiz is simple yet deep - there are six types of hidden powers humans have - which one do YOU? Answer the questions by picking the images and you'll find out in the end what special strength you possess.
Which color most attracts you?
Which images of the sea do you find most alluring?
Which pattern do you prefer?
Pick your favorite image of the skies.
Which of these destinations would you like to visit right now?
Pick your favorite image of the moon.
Which image has the prettiest flower?
Pick your favorite cat. (A hard one we know)
Which image has the most beautiful sunset?
Pick the image that makes you smile the most.
hashi photo
Which of these images of nature communicates STRENGTH to you?
Pick the image you identify with the most.
Courtesy may not seem like much of a superpower, but actually, it is one of the oldest forms of charming other people and getting them to like, appreciate, and honor you. Courtesy is more than kindness; it is functioning at the highest levels of civilization and sensitivity to the needs of others. It's noticing the smallest things that make other people feel respected, not just helped. You have the ability to make anyone feel like royalty, and that is no mean feat. Continue to be that rare kind of person we all need more of in our lives.
Your wit is sharp, your eyes lively, and your behavior dynamic and punctuated by smart observations. You're an intelligent person and everyone who knows you will confirm it. Your mind is like a strong source of light, shining through the darkness of confusion the way few others can. You see situations a lot more thoroughly than other people, and hence have more opportunities to use your brain to solve your problems. Intelligence has ALWAYS been the most useful and powerful tool in humanity's bag of tricks. Nurture it; it must be used... or lost.
When it comes to loyalty, you may as well be a superhero. You pride yourself on your strong loyalty, it's a part of you. When you love someone or even befriend them, you have an overpowering sense of loyalty to that person. You won't speak behind their back, you won't support bad behavior to them, and you will do what is needed to protect them. That kind of loyalty is rare, and the people around you appreciate it more than they can say, even if they don't always show it. The path to real friends and true love is to be loyal in your heart as well as in behavior, and you know how to be that person.
Determination has beaten more foes than strength or guile ever did. Determination is that rarest of all human powers, the most effective way to get anything in this life. You are one of those exceptional people who have TRUE determination to get what they want, protect who they wish, and live the life they choose. No one can deter you once you've set your mind to a plan of action. There is a place inside you that is hard beyond measure, and when it sets its mind on something, nothing can stop it.
Diplomacy as a personal strength is rarely discussed. Rarely is it counted among the true powers of humanity. That is because diplomatic people are way too smart for that. A true diplomat is rarely seen and understood, and yet conflicts seem to glide off them, problems seem to get solved, and all people involved seem to be better off for it. How can this be? In the middle of that mystery, there will always be a diplomat. Diplomats solve problems by knowing the human mind and heart and appealing to them. You are one of those rare people who can help others without compromising themselves, you are articulate and kind, and always know how to put others at ease.
While the other powers in this quiz are essential, nothing can be done without a proper leader to take the reins and coordinate everything. Humankind would never have gotten off the trees if we didn't have our explorer leaders, our social leaders, our moral leaders, and yes, even our military leaders. Those few called to lead are those rare individuals that do not hesitate in the face of calamity. They do not cast their eyes around, trying to find someone to tell them what to do. They observe the others and the whole situation, and they take charge. They're the ones the eyes of everyone else turn to, seeking orders. You are that person.
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