Can You Identify the Historical Person?

 In this quiz we ask you to work out your historical knowledge, your memory and your eyes! Are you able to to correctly identify the person in each of these photos and paintings? Prove it!
Who is this cat lover?
Andy Warhol
Richard Avedon
Robert Frank
Ansel Adams
Who is this man with deep lines of thought?
Nelson Mandela fought against South African apartheid and was also elected as president of South Africa and served for 5 years as the first black head of state. His biography, A Long Way to Freedom is considered one of the best autobiographies ever written.
Nelson Mandela
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcom X
Who is this warrior?
Alexander the Great
Julius Caeser
Who is this lady?
Golda Meir was the first and only Israeli Prime Minister, who served during the War of Yom Kippur in 1973
Golda Meir
Margaret Thatcher
Angela Merkel
Eva PerĂ³n
Who is this bearded gentleman?
Leonardo da Vinci
Who is this painting of?
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O'Keeffe
Joan Mitchell
Leonora Carrington
Which biblical figure is this?
Who is this dapper gentleman?
Winston Churchill was of course the prime minister of England during WWII.
Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Harold Wilson
Who is this painter?
Who is the figure in the pink robe?
Dante Aligheiri is the writer of The Divine Comedy who lived in Italy during the 13th-14th centuries.
Dante Aligheiri
Paul the Apostle
Who is this ginger man?
A self portrait by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh named "Self-Portrait with Grey Felt" painted in 1987
Vincent van Gogh
Ramesses II
Galileo Galilei
George Washington
From left to right, who are these three leaders?
Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Neville Chamberlain
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Harry Truman
Who is the man in the orange shirt surrounded by other men?
This is the famous scene of Caesar's betrayal and murder by the Rome's senators
Julius Caeser
Mark Anthony
Which biblical person is this?
Who is this ancient lady?
Cleopatra was the last ruler of the ancient Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt. She died a few score of years before the birth of Jesus Christ.
Who is this ancient warrior?
Hannibal was a great general who fought the Romans for his kingdom of Carthage
Alexander the Great
Julius Caeser
No Bueno
Sorry, but that's a fail. Maybe you are too young to remember some of these people, or perhaps you need to look at historical albums more! These are people who shaped culture, art, war and leadership for decades and centuries after their death. They should be known on sight!
Not Great
You didn't utterly fail this one and you knew a few, but you didn't do great identifying these famous people from history and got less than half right. These are people who shaped culture, art, war and leadership for decades and centuries after their death. They should be known on sight! Better look at some historical albums.
Not Much Gets Past You
You got at least half of these questions right, getting a good grade and convincing us you have a good eye for historical faces, a good memory and some brains in your skull! You didn't ace the test, for that you would have needed a few more correct answers, but you did really well. Check out the answers and see where you went wrong.
You ACED It!
Congratulations! Not only do you have a keen eye for history and the knowledge to support it, but a good head on your shoulders and a good memory to boost. Well we're just as proud as punch. Share this quiz with friends and laugh at their inferior scores!
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