How Good is Your Vision?

 Our eyesight is one of those things about our body that we must check from time to time, as it tend to deteriorate with time. This quiz is designed to help you check just that, with an emphasis on color acuity and seeing small details. Good luck!
What is the arrow pointing at?
A Wheel Chair
A Segway
A Bag
A person sitting on the floor
From top left to bottom right, what numbers are appearing in the colored circles?
12, 2, 42, 74, 6
12, 3, 42, 74, 6
12, 2, 42, 74, 8
12, 2, 42, 21, 6
12, 2, 42, 14, 6
Pick the color that matches the one of the little box
There is a person in the crowd wearing the color in the red circle in this image. What do they look like?
Blonde with black shoes
Brown hair with white shoes
Blonde with white shoes
Brown hair with red shoes
Which of these hues is the darkest?
Which color is the brightest?
Does anyone in the crowd have an iPad?
I Don't Know
Which of these yellow squares is a different shade to the others?
Which of these two hues matches the hue in the red circle in this image?
The person wearing clothes in the same color as the color in the rectangle is...
In the first 3 rows
In rows 4-6
In rows 7-9
In rows 10-12
In rows 13-15
Poor Vision
It seems your eyesight isn't what it used to be! Are you perhaps tired or not focused? That might explain some of the mistakes. Otherwise, you may want to see an eye doctor for a diagnosis because it seems you can't differentiate colors very well nor notice small details. If this is news to you, then definitely go and get checked. Our eyesight doesn't get any stronger when we ignore the problem, we just get used to not seeing as well, and that's a shame.
Average to Below-Average Vision
Your eyesight isn't bad, but it's not great either. You have about average to slightly below average vision, which means you see fine, but you could see better. Perhaps you have good vision but are tired or unfocused. We'd suggest taking the test again before looking at the answers below. You might do better the second time around. If not, look below and maybe see a doctor regarding your vision; it may be starting to deteriorate a bit.
Above Average Vision
You have excellent vision, a bit above average, and if you are over 60 - much above average! You have a great connection between the various parts of your brain that manage vision in the occipital lobe. You also have the right amount of cones (little structures that tell color and brightness) in your eye. You should be pleased. Your eyesight is excellent!
Hawk's Vision
Your eyesight and your brain connect in a powerful way. Your brain processes vision and color better than 95% of people and can report the smallest changes in color or tiny details. You have an uncanny ability to identify objects, people, and colors. In short - your eyesight is perfect!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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