What is Your Biggest Issue?

  Unfortunately, life is rarely perfect, and human beings even less so. We all have our problems, our issues, our worries that won't go away. This quiz will help you figure out what your problem is and give you a few tips about treating the problem. We hope it helps.
a sad woman sitting on the beach
A good friend is going through a rough time and is asking for your help. What do you think will help them?
Take them to a restaurant they like and get them a nice gift
Call them up and talk to them
Meeting them at their home and so getting myself a bit out as well
Share with them my past experiences in the hope that it helps
Hands giving gift
What kind of gift would you like to get for your next birthday?
A Gift Card to a shop I like
A Spa Day
A surprise party with a video from everyone
A ticket to a concert I want to go to because amazing things always happen to me at concerts
woman carrying big box
This box contains one of four things, which thing would you like it to hold?
Expensive Watch
A beloved childhood doll
Which of these things do you most relate to the word "House"?
woman sitting in sports clothes on a bench
This girl decided to change her habits and go for a rare run this morning. What do you think made her do this?
She was fired and decided it was a great way to pass the time
She just had some time free up
She had a fight with her husband and wanted to work off the anger
She used to be a champion runner and now she's getting back into it
angry emoji
Who was the last person you fought with, and why?
A bank teller or debt collector
A colleague, over something work related
My significant other, who claimed I wasn't listening or giving them my attention
A friend who argued with me about something in the past
question mark in white on yellow background
Which of these words do you feel most connected to?
people sitting at a restaurant
Which of these do you usually do when with friends?
Invite everyone to drinks on me
Getting everyone's new stories, because I may have to leave early
Listen to them while looking through my phone
Tell all the latest stories I have to share
women crossing
You found a $50 bill that must have fallen from the purse of the woman walking in front of you. What do you do?
If she doesn't notice it, I'll keep it
I'll keep going, maybe she'll notice it fell
I'll pick it up and yell "Who dropped this?!?"
Give her the money and feel like a hero
woman with cup of coffee looking at screen
What do you most like to do at home?
Watching movies and shows on TV
Using the time to get some much needed sleep
Pass the time with my phone and social networks
Look at old albums and photos, read old journals
old photos
What is your most significant childhood memory?
When my parents bought me that gift I so wanted
The day I ran for class president
Beating my friends at some game we used to love
That time I had that amazing adventure or met a celebrity while a child
living room
If we stepped into your living room, what would be the first thing we'd see?
A highly designed expensive sofa
Laundry on the sofa
A huge television screen
Dozens of old tokens and old photos
Your Financial Situation
You are hyper-aware of your financial situation. You are always checking for lesser rates, but you buy expensive things. You like to have money and use money, and you always feel like you need more of it. Money is important in life; that's no lie. But it isn't the most important thing in life. Besides, worrying about money never makes more money, and things end up costing you more when they need fixing. Focus on the things in life that make you calm, let your money save for a while, and try to find a project that is less about money and more about you.
Your Free Time
Friends and family always wanting to get together, but you never seem to have the time? Do you feel like you never have enough time to relax and be with your thoughts? Time is for us to decide what to do with, and it seems like you filled out yours. Ask yourself, is it worth all the hassle? Couldn't you do better with just a bit less on your plate? Leave some time that's not filled with anything, a time that is only for you. You'll find ways to fill it, and you'll start worrying less about time management.
Your Emotional Situation
Emotions are really hard for you right now. You have a shout in you that wants to envelop the world, but what actually comes out is barely a whimper. Your environment may feel like it stifles your true emotions, and you are unable to express yourself. The truth is, however, that nobody can stop us from expressing our emotions. Not really. You're just afraid of the consequences, and being afraid is no way to live your life. Express yourself, let it empty out and let someone listen to and understand this outpouring. It can make a huge difference, even if it's just to a therapist.
Locked into the Stories
Having a story-rich life and having things to tell people about is hardly a problem. The issue arises when we become too obsessed with past experiences and past heroics and are either too fascinated with them to be very interested in anything else OR too determined to create new stories to add to them, and you end up forcing the issue. Life isn't just about making stories, though. They're about doing what you truly want. If you truly wish to get into the adventures you get into, that's one thing, if you get into adventures so you can tell more stories - that's another. Don't forget to enjoy life as it is: the warmth of a cup of coffee, the smiles of our loved ones, the happiness of a beloved pet. These are the things the stories have brought you, and they should get just as much if not more attention from you - because they're happening right now.
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