What is the Best Way to Improve Your Life?

 Everyone needs something. It's very rare, as people, that we get to feel truly satisfied and have nothing to improve in our life. That IS life, a lot of the time, trying to make things better. This quiz will decide, according to your answers, what your biggest need is right now. Answer honestly!
woman looking to the distance on a balcony
Which of these things has been most important to you thus far?
Personal Projects
sand clock
What would you do if you had only 6 months left to live?
Learn all the things I can
Go alone on an wild adventure
Create as many new relationships with new people
Travel around the world
pensive woman
As a child, which of these was most important to you?
Being social with other kids
Taking risks
Playing games and sports
silhouette of child at sunset
What word would you choose to describe your current situation?
thumbs up from a guy in a suit
Which of these people do you admire the most?
My Most Accomplished Friend
My Partner
My Father or Mother
My Single Friend
Which of these things do you hate the most?
Getting up for work
Doing things my partner wants but don't interest me
Taking care of house tasks
Doing health maintenance / Exercise
Frustrated woman
When you get up in the morning, what do you do?
Hygiene/coffee and then read the news and go to work
Interact with my spouse, hygiene/coffee and then more interaction
Hygiene/coffee, interact with my spouse, go to work
Hygiene/coffee, then go back to bed for as long as I can sleep, get up late and read the news or watch TV
Choose a food or drink you could and would consume right now:
Climbing a mountain
What is your living situation?
I live alone and that's how I like it
I live with my significant other
I live alone, not by choice
I live with several other people in a social environment
angry woman
What do you hate the most in other people?
מבחן אישיות לשיפור החיים: איור של גבר בצומת דרכים
Which of these would you give up to get the other 3?
An Expensive New Car
A Date with an interesting person
A Daily Maid
Which image do you find most appealing?
Improving Work or Career
It could be that for a long time now you've suspected something is unsatisfying about your work or career. According to this quiz, it's high time you did something about that, either investing more time and effort into your work or start a personal project that has more meaning to you and more self-fulfillment than what you are currently doing. It could be a better paying job, volunteer work, writing your own novel or anything in between. You need to invest yourself in something that requires a lot of work and eventually - will bring you the satisfaction you require. There are always creative ways to do things, no matter what your situation right now may be.
Improving Health or Quality of Life
It may be that your lifestyle has been weighing on you (pun intended) for some time, and they may have caused some health problems and some extra weight that may sabotage your daily satisfaction. We are our body just as much as we are our minds, and health problems usually become quality of life problems. If we don't have our health then we eventually have nothing at all. Don't be lazy, start doing the work you need to improve your quality of life and most importantly - your health.
Improving Relationships
Relationships, or your romantic relationship, are giving you trouble lately. You may feel lonely, unsatisfied with your current relationships, or just wish you had more of a social or love life. First of all, there's nothing wrong with that, so many of us are in the same boat. It does, however, require some work, and if you want to improve your relationship, you need to discuss it openly with the other person. If it's romantic, consider couple's therapy and really doing what the doctor says. If it's friendship or family, be honest with them and do your best to work on these relationships. People are important and we're social animals, we need good social experiences to feel happy. Don't neglect other people and they, in turn, will invest in you.
Improving the Immediate Environment
It doesn't matter whether it's a small issue or a big one. When something bothers us about our immediate environment, every day can become a hassle. It could be something that needs fixing in your house, your actual living situation, problems with people living with you or a boring lifestyle. All of these things can drive us crazy. Our advice? Start small and move to big. If it's cleaning, start doing a little every day, adding a little each time. If people are the problem, start hinting at the issues and be kind, small favors and symbolic gestures go a long way towards being in a good environment socially.
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