What Type of Movie Star Would You Be?

 Many people dream of being a movie star. Of course, most of us dream of being the kind of movie star we see IN movies - the old classic movie stars, legendary actors with a lush lifestyle. There are many types of movie stars, though. What kind of movie star would YOU be? Take this quiz, answer all questions honestly, and you may just find out...
Which of these activities would you rather do during vacation?
Go to museums and see famous masterpieces
Go tour haunted mansions
Go see the best play showing at the moment
Walk around the city talking to locals and tourists alike
If you could choose 2 superpowers, what would they be?
Fly and lift heavy objects
Invisible and extra fast
Time travel and reading minds
Make people fall in love with me and knowing their true feelings
Your spouse wants to go see a movie. Based on these photos alone to judge, which movie would you go to?
Jonathan Kos-Read
What do you tend to do during embarrassing situations?
I don't really get embarrassed
Feel bad and awkward until it's over
Make some distance with an excuse and continue on my way
Try to ignore the whole thing and never speak of it
You go on a walk in New York when you suddenly realize you forgot your wallet. What do you do?
I may start to stress out
I'll check if there are maps around me to navigate back
I'll keep calm and go with the flow of people
Go into the nearest subway, cut in and try to go somewhere interesting
You found out you have less days off from work than you thought, ruining your vacation plans. What will you do?
I will insist with my employer until I get more days off
I'll take my days and be "sick" for the rest of them
I'll change my plans accordingly
Hate myself for this mistake and try manipulate the boss to give me more days
You got to work after a long night and you find out you wore two completely different shoes. What will you do?
I'll feel bad and embarrassed
Feel a bit embarrassed and try not to attract attention
Laugh about it before other people start to
Make a speedy return home and return to work
Which of these activities will you NEVER do on vacation?
What kind of kid were you in primary school?
A pretty good boy or girl with good grades
I had trouble with failure and adjusting to my environment
I was the funny kid in every group
I was a trouble maker, but people loved me anyway
What first impression do you think you give people?
"Now there's a person I'd like to be friends with."
"I didn't hear much from them. I wonder what they're like."
"I wouldn't want to get on their bad side."
"That's a really sensitive person."
You find yourself on a sinking ship with no lifeboat. What do you do?
Panic. I have no idea what to do!
Attempt to build a raft from materials around me
Jump straight into the water and start swimming
Look for the people I care about to be with them
You're in an interview and you're asked what your best quality is. How do you answer?
Social and team player
Quick and good under pressure
Quiet and always get the job done
Make for a good work environment and help others
Which of these is your biggest fear? (or closest to it)
Being the only person on Earth
Lose the ability to care about anything
Losing the ability to move
Everyone knowing my most private thoughts
The Action Star
Mike Rugnetta/BagoGames
The LAST thing anyone can say about you is that you avoid challenges and always plan ahead. You prefer to make your own rules than listen to existing ones, which has landed you in trouble a few times in life. That said, you don't want to waste precious moments of your life on people who want you to be something you're not. You will not compromise who you are no matter what. There are few things in life you won't try at least once, as you see life as something to get the most out of.
The Quiet Hero
Jack Mitchell
You always have emotions bubbling under the surface, but you prefer to keep them to yourself instead of flashing them around. People who don't know you may think you're cold or distant because you have a poker face and rarely reveal your true emotions. However, those nearest to you know your waters run very deep indeed and you just take a long time to trust people. This makes you bond rarely, but bond deeply, and develop the kind of trust and loyalty most people only dream about.
A Comedy Star
Noemi Nu?ez
There is rarely a dull moment with you, because you prefer doing it all rather than taking the risk of passing life in boredom. For you it's all a big joke, and you'd rather laugh than cry about it. Don't take life too seriously, you may say, you'll never get out alive! People may sometimes roll their eyes at your usage of humor, but they'll sure as hell come running when they need a smile or someone to make them feel better. Your personality attracts new people easily, you make friends easily and your humor keeps them close and your life very social.
A Master of Drama
It's hard not to notice you when you walk into a room because you have that strong and dramatic presence that naturally draws the eye of others. Sometimes, you get into dramas because some things are important to you and cannot be ignored. This is something some people will never understand about you because they don't feel as strongly about things as you do. When you face a problem, you dive head on into it, which may cause an obsession and frustration. You do need to learn to leave some problems unsolved.
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