How Well Do You Know Outer Space?

 Ah space, the final frontier, to quote Star Trek. It's the biggest place in the universe, it surrounds our little planet completely, it houses all the celestial bodies out there, including our life-giving sun. And yet, few of us know that much about it. Even experts have not teased out its myriad of secrets. Do you have basic knowledge of space? This quiz will test you on that knowledge with 15 space-trivia questions!
If you could live in space without a helmet, which of your senses would you NOT be able to use?
There is no air in space and so there is no sound. Hypothetically, you'd still be able to smell and taste.
What does a 'light year' measure?
Light year is the DISTANCE it takes light to travel in a year's time.
The brightness of stars
The mass of celestial bodies
True or False: Space is a Vacuum
A true vacuum is very hard to achieve. Even "empty" space has molecules in it, just very little.
What is the most abundant element found in space?
The most common element in the universe is hydrogen, which makes around 3/4 of all matter!
How many countries have successfully sent people to space?
The US, Russia and China are the only countries that have launched people to space.
How much, would you guess, costs a full NASA space suit?
A suit costs 12 million dollars, 70% of that is for the backpack and control module.
Which celestial body is depicted in this image?
A comet
An asteroid
A moon
A star
Which celestial body is depicted in this image?
A Quasar
A Supernova
A New Galaxy
A Black Hole
In more than 3 billion years, our Milky Way galaxy is going to collide with which other galaxy?
Ursa Minor
True or False: If you touch two metal pieces together in space, they will bond permanently.
This is called "cold welding" and can only happen in space, where the atoms don't have anything separating them.
What are stars born of?
Black holes
True or False: The Universe is slowly imploding, getting smaller.
The universe is actually acting like an explosion, with galaxy clusters moving away from each others and the universe expanding
Which of these objects is the most luminous?
The strongest quasars are the brightest things in the known universe, as bright as thousands of galaxies put together.
A Quasar (A supermassive black hole that shoots out energy)
A Supernova (A powerful explosion of a sun)
A Supermassive Sun
A Hypernova
How much of known space have we been able to see from Earth?
The other 96% are made of stuff we either cannot see, cannot measure, or cannot comprehend.
What happens if you are exposed to space without a suit?
You die instantly
You live for 10 seconds and then freeze to death
You live for 90 seconds and die of asphyxiation
You'll live for about 4-5 minutes and die from the cold
You have much to learn about space...
Space is really 'out there' and it's not really affecting your day to day much, except for radiation, the tide, our seasons and many other things - so, really, it does influence you quite a bit, and is worth learning more about! Check your answers below to learn more about space from your mistakes.
You have a good grasp on the basics of space
You're no ignoramus when it comes to matters of outer space, but you're not an expert either. You have pretty good knowledge of the basics and, by looking at your mistakes below (or retaking the test), you'll strengthen those basics and know more about this fascinating subject.
You're a space master!
Wow, your knowledge about outer space and the celestial objects in it is quite extensive and totally impressive! It's a pleasure to encounter an inquisitive mind who likes to accumulate such knowledge and learn about things. Great job!
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