What Musical Instrument Does Your Soul Play?

 We all have a rhythm to us. A different musical beat. The different musical instruments that we use to enrich our lives with music each move to their own beat. Which one is yours?
Empty office
Your workplace has closed for the day and you find yourself with an unexpected free day. What will you do?
Take a short trip
Watch a marathon of my favorite show
Work on a hobby
Go out with friends
First I'll be happy for an hour! Then I'll think about what to do.
cockroach on a leaf
You get home after a long day and you see a big cockroach waiting for you as you enter the house. What do you do?
Take it gently in my hand and release it outside
Scream and look for something to kill it with
Stay calm and look for bug spray
Take a broom and sweep it out
Kill it immediately with my shoe and then look for others
ravens sitting on wicker furniture
What is the first thing that catches your eye in this photo?
The crows
The wicker chairs
The flower bouquet
The red table cloth
What is your favorite breakfast?
Just a coffee and a snack
A big breakfast with eggs, bacon and pancakes
Something meaty
Just cereal
Anything sweet: Pancakes, waffles etc.
Do your friends have special nicknames in your cellphone?
You received free tickets to see a singer you don't know. What will you do?
I'll go anyway and get to know the singer's music
Give it to someone who likes the singer
Make a face and try to sell them
Throw it away
Start listening to the songs and if I like them I'll go
You meet an old friend you haven't seen in a long time on the street. What do you do?
Ignore them and continue on my way
Start an awkward conversation
Invite them to a cup of coffee and a conversation
Give them a big smile and a bigger hug
Ask them all about their life
You find out, through the grapevine, that one of your work colleagues has been fired. What do you do?
Nothing. What can I do?
Send them a comforting message
Be sad for them and call them to try and comfort them
Invite them to meet so we can talk about it
You have a choice to either go on vacation with your office or stay and work in the office alone. What do you do?
I'd rather stay at work and work peacefully
Go on the vacation and try to have a good time
No question - go on the vacation and make it a habit
Go on vacation and be super social with my colleagues
If it's somewhere I like, I'll go. If not, I'd rather stay and take my vacation days to go where I want.
If you could, what time period would you go back to?
The mid 18th century
England in the beginning of the 20th century
Prehistoric times
The beginning of the industrial revolution
Medieval Days
Which of these colors makes you feel most calm?
You're sitting in a bus. A mother is standing next to you with a toddler who won't stop crying. What do you do?
Nothing. I have no way of influencing the situation.
If it's a long drive, I may ask the mother to quiet the child.
Try to help the mother calm down her toddler
I'll look for a seat for the toddler
See if I can escape to somewhere else on the bus
Would you describe yourself as argumentative?
Pretty Much
Not At All
Which of these desserts do you prefer?
Ice cream with banana, chocolate chips and sprinkles
Chocolate chip cookies
Warm chocolate cake
Layer Cake with cream
You work hard and play hard, according to your environment - just like a classical guitar and a wild electric guitar. Your ability to connect to many types of people is something your many friends will attest to. You're usually the first person they call when they want to have fun. You enjoy the life you've built for yourself, and your mental flexibility helps you a lot in life - personally and professionally.
You're a person who likes to keep to themselves and take some time for yourself once in a while. The environment and the people around you sometimes overload you emotionally. It doesn't mean you're not social; you prefer people who are more like you and enjoy a quiet evening and a nice talk. You love finding beautiful, quiet moments other people rarely get.
You're a person who has intense emotions. You can be quiet and calm and change in a moment to passionate and raging. People around you love you enough to know these storms are only temporary, and you have more quiet moments. You have an ever-changing and dynamic character, and you know how to adapt to all kinds of difficult situations.
It's hard for you to sit still for very long, and you're always on the lookout for the next adventure in your life, as big or small as it may be. Your spontaneous nature surprises even the people who know you best, and it's one of the things that makes them fall in love with you. You may sometimes jump to the next adventure before completing the first one, but your charm keeps everyone enjoying your antics anyway.
You tend to sink into deep thoughts, even when surrounded by people. Many see you as a mysterious person who is hard to understand. You are attracted to dark things and do not fear them. People around you slowly learn who you are, but they may never fathom you, and that is what they like best about you.
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