WDYK About the American Revolution?

  The American Revolution is one of the greatest struggles for freedom the world has ever seen. "No Taxation Without Representation!" Went the cry of the colonists, and indeed they rejected the right of the English Congress to tax them without having any representatives of their own in British Parliament. The small revolt grew to an all-out war, to which the French and other countries joined as well and culminating with the independence of the United States and ultimately to the creation of the United States as we know it today. Before you are 15 trivia question about this remarkable revolt, can you answer them correctly?
How many colonies struggled against the British?
How long did the American Revolution last?
10 years
18 years
5 years
8 years
What year did the Revolution begin?
What was the American army known as?
Continental Army
National Army
Axis Army
Allied Army
Which of these was NOT one of the 13 colonies fighting the British?
New York
South Carolina
Rhode Island
The American Commander in Chief Was...
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
George Washington
George Orwell
The King of England at the time was...
King George the III
King Henry the IX
King James the III
Queen Elizabeth the I
How many Americans died as a result of this war?
About 6,800 Americans perished in this fight, while another 17,000 died of disease.
Over 150,000
Which claimed more lives - The American Revolution or the American Civil War?
While about 25,000 died in the revolution, about 620,000 people died during the civil war, more than 20 times the revolution war.
The Civil War
The Revolution
What was the name of the man who claimed to be "The First President of the United States" in 1774?
Peyton Randolph could claim to be America’s first president, though his job was largely ceremonial; it was a very different job to the first Presidency of George Washington.
Peyton Randolph
George Washington
John Adams
John Hancock
Who wrote the declaration of independence?
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
Benjamin Franklin
What is the biggest battle of the war called?
This is a bit of a trick question because there are TWO correct answers, the battle was known both as the battle of Long Island and the battle of Brooklyn Heights
The Battle of Long Island
The Three Day Battle
The Top Heights Battle
The Battle of Brooklyn Heights
Why did Paul Revere become a hero?
He spread information and warnings
He killed over 50 men in battle
He liberated a large town held captive
He spied for the continental army
Who made the first American Flag?
Martha Washington
Betsy Ross
Abigail Adams
Molly Pitcher
What year did the French officially join the war?
In 1778, the French joined the war and fought Britain everywhere they had conflicts, such as the West Indies and West Africa
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You Are a Soldier of the Revolution!
Wow! We must make you an honorary soldier in the Continental Army, since you seem to have been in the war yourselves to get such a high score. We are impressed!
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