Know You These Myths and Folk Tales?

 Deep within our culture are ancient tales which have been shared through generations and are still remembered to this very day. Many of these folk tales and myths are testament to what our ancient ancestors actually believed. Can you ace this quiz about mythology and folklore?
Myths: god of thunder
In the Norse mythology, who is the hammer-wielding god of thunder?
Myths: underworld river
The waters of which subterranean river cause forgetfulness?
The Ancient Greek word "lethe" means forgetfulness, and it's from there that "lethargy" derives
Myths: Robin Hood
Traditionally, what is Robin Hood’s proper surname?
Of Hood
Of Loxley
Of Nottingham
Of Sherwood
Myths: giant bird
What was the name of the giant bird Sinbad the Sailor encountered in his travels?
Myths: prometheus
What was Prometheus’ punishment for sharing the secret of fire with humanity?
He was cursed to bear the weight of the world for eternity
He had to roll a large boulder uphill endlessly
His eyes were torn out
He was bound to a rock, where eagles perpetually eat his liver
Myths: Exodus
Which was the first plague that God visited upon the Egyptians?
The plague of blood
The plague of frogs
The plague of hail
The plague of locust
Myths: Excalibur
How did King Arthur come into the possession of Excalibur?
Though often confused and sometimes conflated, the sword in the stone and Excalibur are not the same weapon
He inherited it from his father Uther Pendragon
He found it on the corpse of a Saxon chieftain
He pulled it out of a stone
He received it from the Lady of the Lake
Myths: Golden Apple
In Homer’s Iliad, Prince Paris is approached by three goddesses with a golden apple to give to the fairest of them all. Who does he give it to?
Helen did not directly participate in the contest between the goddesses. She was, instead, the prize.
Helen of Troy
Myths: Aladdin
In the ORIGINAL story, where is Aladdin from?
While modern depictions place Aladdin in a vaguely Middle-Eastern setting, the original story takes place in China
Myths: Samson
Which of these mythical feats did the biblical Samson NOT do?
Tear off the gates of Gaza
Slay a lion with his bare hands and extract a honeycomb from its corpse
Kill the king of Ascalon by throwing a fox’ tooth into his eye
Smite a thousand Philistines with a donkey’s jawbone
Myths: one eyed giant
What was the given name of the one-eyed giant encountered by Odysseus?
Though belonging to a race called cyclops, the giant's actual name was Polyphemus
Myths: female ghost
What is the name of the Celtic spirit whose wail is an omen of death?
Myths: genie lamp
According to Islamic legend, which legendary ruler is responsible for binding genies to bottles, lamps and jars?
Alexander the Great
Myths: Odin
The Norse god Odin is attended by several animals. Which of these is NOT one of Odin’s pets?
Geri and Freki, a pair of wolves
Huginn and Munnin, a pair of ravens
Jormungand, a snake long enough to circle the world
Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse
Myths: Medusa
What type of creature is the snake-haired Medusa?
Myths: Icarus
Did you drink the waters of Lethe?
Tales and myths don’t interest you all that much, you probably have very little time for fantasy and fables, and are a person that lives entirely in the present. Either that, or you could use a bit of freshening up on your mythology.
Myths: David
You have passed our trials successfully
It is clear you have substantial knowledge of legends, mythology and folk tales, though that knowledge does have a few holes that need to be plugged. Consider trying again and see if you can get it all correctly this time.
Myths: King Solomon
You are as wise as King Solomon!
Mythologies and folk tales are your bread and butter, you can’t possibly be stumped! You are familiar with all fables, no matter which part of the world they originate from.
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