Can You Distinguish a Llama from an Alpaca?

 There a millions of animal species on Earth, so it’s not surprising that some of them look a bit too similar, even if they’re not related. Salamanders and lizards, for one, look very alike, save the skin texture difference, but the first is amphibian, whereas the second one is a reptile. The reason for these deceiving similarities is relatedness, as well as a process called convergent evolution when two species develop similar traits without being closely related. Your task in this quiz is to use your knowledge about the animal kingdom and observation skills to distinguish between several commonly confused pairs of animals. Get ready for some animal fun!
ape monkey
Which of these photos shows an ape, and which depicts a monkey?
Photo 1 shows a baby chimp, and Photo 2 depicts a White-headed marmoset. Chimps are apes, whereas marmosets are monkeys. Unlike monkeys, apes usually live longer, are bigger and have a larger brain.
1 in an ape, 2 is a monkey
1 in an monkey, 2 is an ape
Both are apes
Both are monkeys
It this a squid or an octopus?
This is a squid. Unlike squids, octopuses don't have a pen (a bone-like structure in their heads that gives it an elongated look). Also, octopuses have only 8 legs, whereas squid have 10.
echidna hedgehog
Which one of these is a hedgehog, and which is a echidna?
You can see a European hedgehog in photo number 1 and a echidna in the second picture. Though both animals are rather small and have spikes on their back, they're not closely-related. Echidnas are actually one of the two mammal species that lay eggs and are more closely related to the platypus than hedgehogs.
Photo 1 shows a hedgehog, 2 shows an echidna
Photo 1 depicts an echidna, and photo 2 shows a hedgehog
Both of these are hedgehogs
Both of these are echidnas
Is this a bee or a wasp?
This one's a bee, as it has a round abdomen and a hairy body, unlike the smooth and slenderer wasp body.
manatee walrus
Which of these photos shows a manatee, and which depicts a walrus?
The main point of visual distinction between the two are the tusks only characteristic of walruses. These two species are not closely related and have a different diet: walruses are predators, whereas manatees are herbivorous.
1 is a walrus, 2 is a manatee
1 is a manatee, 2 is a walrus
Both are manatees
Both are walruses
Is this a llama or an alpaca?
This is an alpaca, as you would be able to guess by noticing that it's rather small, has a shorter snout and ears.
lemur sugar glider
Which one of these is a lemur, and which is a sugar glider?
1 is a sugar glider and 2 is a lemur. Sugar gliders are much smaller and have a skin fold that lets it fly short distances, and lemurs are much larger and come in a variety of species. Also, sugar gliders are marsupials, whereas lemurs are primates, so they're very distant from each other in terms of evolutionary relatedness.
1 is a sugar glider, 2 is a lemur
1 is a lemur, 2 is a sugar glider
Both are lemurs
Both are sugar gliders
Is this a turtle or a tortoise?
The principal difference between the two is that turtles live in the sea, whereas tortoises dwell on land.
duck goose
Which one of these photos shows a duck, and which one depicts a goose?
Compared to ducks, geese are much larger and have a longer neck. Ducks also have a longer and flatter beak than geese, which is why 1 is a goose and 2 is a duck.
1 is a duck, 2 is a goose
1 is a goose, 2 is a duck
Both are geese
Both are ducks
moth butterfly
Is this a moth or a butterfly?
This a photo of an Atlas Moth. While moths typically rest with their wings open, butterflies usually close their wings while in the resting position. Also, moths are predominantly nocturnal, whereas most butterflies are active during the day.
alligator crocodile
Which one of these pictures shows a crocodile, and which shows an alligator?
1 is a crocodile, 2 is an alligator. You have to look at the animal's snout to be able to spot an alligator or a croc. An alligator has a more rounded snout and when its mouth is shut, you can see no teeth showing. Crocodiles, on the other hand, have a V-shaped snout and their teeth show at all times.
1 is an alligator, 2 is a crocodile
1 is a crocodile, 2 is an alligator
Both are alligators
Both are crocodiles
Is this a picture of a toad or a frog?
This is a frog. You can tell a from apart from a toad by its bulgy eyes, long legs and a smooth, glossy skin. Toads' skin is much tougher, it's dry and covered in bumps and wrinkles.
dolphin porpoise
kuribo/ Flickr
Which of these pictures shows a dolphin and which shows a porpoise?
Porpoises and dolphins are not-so-distant relatives, but dolphins have a much longer nose and a bigger mouth, whereas porpoises are overall rounder and chubbier than dolphins. Picture 1 shows a porpoise and picture 2 shows a dolphin.
1 is a dolphin, 2 is a porpoise
1 is a porpoise, 2 is a dolphin
Both are dolphins
Both are porpoises
seal sea lion
Which one of these photos depicts a sea lion, and which - a seal?
1 is a sea lion, 2 is a seal. Unlike seals, sea lions have visible ear flaps, bigger flippers and are less chubby than seals.
1 is a seal, 2 is a sea lion
1 is a sea lion, 2 is a seal
Both are seals
Both are sea lions
glass lizard
Peter Paplanus/ Flickr
What animal is this?
Although this animal looks just like a snake, it's actually a legless lizard. Glass lizards can be distinguished from a snake by their movable eyelids and ear holes, of which snakes have none.
A lizard
A snake
leopard jaguar
Which one of these two is a jaguar and which is a leopard?
Jaguars and leopards are often confused because both big cats have rosette-shaped spots. If you look closer, though, you'll be able to notice that jaguars' rosettes have spots inside them, whereas leopards' don't. Leopards are also much slimmer and more delicate compared to jaguars.
1 is jaguar, 2 is a leopard
1 is a leopard, 2 is a jaguar
Both are leopards
Both are jaguars
sad seal
Convergent Evolution Has Fooled You
As we warned you at the beginning, these animals look very similar to one another. Unfortunately, you weren't able to guess most of our questions correctly, but at least you had fun and hopefully also learned a lot of new information about animals. To learn even more, look at the correct answers below.
confused penguin
Pretty Good!
You managed to answer most of our questions in this quite complicated quiz correctly, you must know a lot about the animal world. Unfortunately, some of these animal doppelgangers did manage to fool you and you missed some questions. Try your luck again, or check out the answers to learn what you've missed.
happy dolphin
Excellent Job!
You're one of the best, there's no denying it. You know everything there is to know about the commonly confused cases in the animal world and managed to apply this knowledge right away! Applause to you!
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