What Do You Know About JAPAN? Come Test Yourself!

  Japan is one of the most fascinating places in the world. Like many island nations, it has a rich, unique culture you won't find elsewhere. The Japanese travel around the world and you can see their tourists pretty much everywhere, but how much do YOU know about THEM? Answer these 13 trivia question about Japan to test your knowledge!
What is the Word in Japanese for "Japan"?
What does this Japanese name for Japan mean?
Land of the long white cloud
Land of the rising sun
Land of the honorable
Land of the free
Which of these cars is NOT Japanese made?
Kia is made is South Korea.
Which of the following is considered the Japanese national sport?
Sumo is the national sport of Japan. However, baseball is arguably the most popular.
You are visiting a Japanese friend at her house for dinner. What do you bring?
It is traditional, and considered a great gift, to bring fruit. The other 3 items on this list will probably be considered rude.
Nothing. It's not polite to bring things.
A basket of fruit.
Some money to help pay for the meal.
My own chopsticks.
What is (roughly) the population of Japan?
50 million
75 million
100 million
125 million
Shinto, the ancient Japanese religion, worships...
A pantheon of 120 gods
People's ancestors
Spirits of nature
The spirits of the stars
Which of these martial arts did NOT originate in Japan?
Kung fu originated in China
Kung Fu
The most common religion in Japan today is...
About 35% of Japanese identify as Buddhists. The second largest religion is Shinto.
Japan has more seniors than children
Japan has a very high % of seniors. In fact, it's the highest in the world.
Sushi was invented in Japan.
It actually originated in China, as a method to preserve fish, around the 2nd century AD.
What European country was the first allowed to set foot inside Japan?
Portuguese traders were the first allowed inside Japan in 1543.
Japan has the 8th biggest economy in the world
Japan was crushed after WW2, but due to their hard work, they are now the third largest economy in the world, with most of it coming from its high-tech and car industry.
False - It's the biggest in the world.
False - It's the 3rd biggest.
False - It's the 12th biggest.
japan quiz: woman taking a selfie in front of a pagoda
New to Japan
Whether you've never had much dealings with Japan or your'e just not that interested in it, it seems you did not pass this trivia test. How about giving it another go or reading the answers to the questions you missed?
Japan quiz: white woman wearing a kimono
An Esteemed Visitor
You may not BE Japanese but you sure do have some knowledge about the place! Good going, and if you haven't been to this fascinating land, we sure hope you're going because you obviously have an interest!
Japan quiz: samurai at sunset with sword
An Honorary Japanese
Are you actually Japanese? You know that's cheating, right? Either that or your knowledge is truly impressive! You have aced this test and no doubt about it. If you don't already live in Japan, maybe you should consider it!
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