How Well Do You Know WWI?

 World War I was an epoch defining conflict that brought several major imperial powers in direct opposition to other. This may have been the most influential war in all human history, changing forever how war was fought, how countries were organized, and how they conducted foreign policy. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a history buff, or if you feel you could do with learning a bit more, this WWI quiz is the one for you. Let's see how well you remember these colossal events!
World War I is otherwise known as…
It was known as the Great War to illustrate that it was a truly Global war that saw over 70 million soldiers deployed.
The Great War
Kaiser’s War
The War of Verdun
What was the area located between opposing armies’ trenches known as?
No man's land is technically used to describe disputed regions that are unoccupied for lack of safety.
No man’s land
The great soldier’s zone
The dead zone
Which event is commonly cited as the reason for WWI?
The murder of the Archduke and his wife for political reasons led directly to the start of WWI.
The murder of Franz Ferdinand, the heir of Austria’s throne in Sarajevo.
The Russian revolution of Lenin.
The German President’s assassination in Berlin.
Which nation was not a member of the initial ‘triple entente’ group of allies in 1914?
The triple entente was an agreement between the Russian Empire, French Third Republic and Great Britain (& Ireland), which was later supplemented by Japan and Portugal.
These were all major battles of WWI, apart from…
The battle of Antietam actually occurred during the American Civil War.
Battle of Antietam
Battle of the Somme
Battle of the Marne
What’s the ‘maneuvers warfare’?
This strategy attempts to shock and disrupt the enemy's plans and decision making abilities.
A military strategy to defeat one’s enemy by movement.
A military strategy to defeat one’s enemy by standing still.
A squad of British soldiers.
Which nation was the first to declare war?
After Ferdinand was assassinated Austria-Hungary sent Serbia a list of 10 demands. Since they deemed only 9 were met they then declared war.
What was the date that America declared war on Germany?
When America joined the war effort, they help turn the tide the way of the Allies.
April 6th, 1917
July 3rd, 1914
There was no declaration.
Who commanded US forces in Europe?
'Black Jack' rejected a union with the other allied armies and commanded the Americans himself.
John J. Pershing
David Lloyd George
Theodore Roosevelt
Which military technology was developed during WWI?
American James Bert Garner is believed to have invented the first gas masks in 1915, after reading newspaper reports of a gas attack on the British forces.
Gas masks
Atomic bomb
Who won WWI?
On 11 November the armistice agreement with Germany was signed, signalling a formal end of the conflict.
The Allies in 1918
The Central Powers in 1917
The Allies in 1917
Germany’s invasion of which country provoked Britain entering the war?
Britain had a long standing agreement with Belgium, guaranteeing their neutrality. When Belgium was invaded, this forced Britain's hand.
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