Do You Favor Your Head or Your Heart?

 Often in life we come across dilemmas that pit our brains against our hearts. For some of us these crises are solved quickly, for others there is a prolonged agonising process. Do you know what your brain-heart balance is? Find out in this fun but informative personality test, by answering what you would do in these 10 perplexing situations.
You notice a sad looking puppy at a shelter. You want to adopt it but you know your partner might not approve. What do you do?
Adopt it immediately.
Call your partner and involve them in your decision.
Bring the puppy home to make it harder for them to turn it away.
Though I want it, it’s just not meant to be.
Which of these movies most appeals to you?
Citizen Kane
The Godfather
The Wizard of Oz
Which of these celebrations do you prefer?
New Years
You haven’t had much exercise lately, and while about to do some, some friends call wondering if you have time for a drink. What do you do?
Immediately cancel my plan.
Politely decline and continue with your plan.
Do half of your exercise then meet up with your friends.
Do a quick workout where you are then go straight to your friends.
Do a full workout and then try and meet them for the rest of the evening.
What do you look for in a partner?
Which is your perfect pet?
Which is most important to you?
A former lover sends you a text message asking whether you want to meet up. What is your initial feeling?
No way!
It’s not a good idea, but I would like to.
How would you react if a boss asked you to do something that wasn’t part of duties.
Decline, saying it’s not your job.
Get some more information before you decide.
Agree, but do the job halfheartedly.
Someone you barely know crudely ridicules a political opinion (which you happen to hold). What do you do?
Tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.
Ask them what makes them so sure.
Politely disagree.
Laugh and say nothing significant.
Ignore the provocation.
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